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Jason Miles of WinningWithShopify.com

Jason Miles is Udemy’s most popular eCommerce instructor and the Adjunct Professor of Online Marketing at Northwest University. Jason has authored three best-selling books with McGraw Hill on the topic of social media. As the co-founder of several companies, he’s sold millions online and he’s passionate about helping others grow their online business.

Forbes, The Huffington Post, Wharton Magazine (of the University Of Pennsylvania Business School) and other premiere publications have featured Jason’s writings. He regularly speaks at conferences on the topics of ecommerce, social media, and social enterprise. Jason also co-founded Sew Powerful a thriving charity combating extreme poverty through sewing purposeful products that enable academic achievement. Jason’s popularity stems from his willingness to discuss his own e-commerce metrics candidly. His site (www.pixiefaire.com) averages 50-60 thousand transactions a month, is in the top 1/10th of 1% of all Shopify sites based on worldwide site traffic, has a 82% repeat customer rate, and has an average conversion rate of 27.5%.

While Jason has sold millions online, he is most passionate about the startup phase, branding, social media, and the transformational power an online business can have in the lives of hard-working people as they turn their dream into reality with proven techniques and practical online marketing strategies.


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Our guest today on Amazing FBA, Jason Miles, is an absolute titan of e-commerce, online marketing, and selling digital products. Jason has been on the show before to talk about his businesses, Winning on Shopify & Pixie Faire. He’s the author of multiple books on e-commerce, a prominent philanthropist, Udemy’s number one e-commerce instructor, and he just so happens to be my business coach.

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Amazon is an incredible launch mechanism for new eCommerce retailers and established brands alike, but sometimes we can fall into the trap of thinking it’s the only solution for online retail.  On the last installment of Amazing FBA Jason Miles and I discussed this phenomenon. It’s called the Einstellung Effect. On today’s episode of the show, I sit down again with Jason to discuss a more nuts and bolts approach to building a successful brand on Shopify and beyond. We’ll talk about all things eCommerce: growing paid and organic traffic, social media marketing, contests, conversion rate, and much, much more. This interview has been one of the most inspiring I’ve had.

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I’m sitting down with eCommerce marketing and startup expert Jason Miles, and it’s one of the most thought-provoking interviews I’ve done on Amazing FBA to date. Jason is Udemy’s most popular eCommerce instructor and has written three best-selling books on the topic of social media. Forbes, The Huffington Post, Wharton Magazine (of the University of Pennsylvania Business School) and countless other premiere publications have featured Jason’s writings.