Is Your Amazon Business Ready To Break Free?
Is Your Amazon Business Ready To Break Free?

As countless sellers will tell you, Amazon can be an incredibly lucrative marketplace when used right. As well as enjoying the largest ready-made audience in the world, this platform allows for business benefits including an easy start in e-commerce, big-brand recognition, and access to world-class selling logistics.

That said, there comes a time in any company’s life when third-party sellers might not seem enough. After all, selling through somebody else means paying commissions, as well as potentially compromising brand-specific recognition. While you definitely don’t want to kiss goodbye to your Amazon career altogether, then, you may be asking yourself one key question – are you ready to also go it alone?

This can be a daunting prospect if you’ve never stepped outside of the Amazon umbrella before but your Amazon presence can continue to tide you financially. In the meantime, consider whether you’ve got what it takes to sell off your own steam by asking the following.

Do you have the tech know-how?

Ready-made shopfronts are one of the primary Amazon benefits, as are security measures that keep your business running smoothly. By comparison, going it alone means developing a website, a shop space, and also tackling the security needs that come with that. This is all going to cost you, as we’ll discuss later, but cost aside, you need to know how to do this without the risk of downtime, etc. That means competent tech know-how, and the time to develop a website that you can rely on.

Have you thought about shipping?

As well as providing you with a readymade shop, Amazon offers the choice of a provided shipping carrier. It’s easy to overlook this but you’ll soon notice the sting once it’s no longer there. Ultimately, shipping is an expense and logistical nightmare, and you need a plan in place here before you make any rash decisions. The good news is that there are options out there. For one thing, a load board allows you to post shipments and reach countless individuals who are looking for delivery and trucking work. Or, you may have the cash spare to work with a specific carrier like DPS. Either way, you need to think this route through before your business hits the road.

Will your profits cover the change?

As is always the case, everything comes down to profit. Hardly surprising considering that your ability to do anything depends on having the money to cover all bases. Web development and security certainly require increased outgoings, as does everything from advertising to building a standalone client base. Really, then, making this switch is all about making a decent monthly income, and knowing 100% that you can cover the costs you’ll face when Amazon isn’t holding your hand anymore.

As mentioned, breaking free from Amazon altogether simply doesn’t make any business sense, but there are definite benefits to diversifying into your own platform. Simply make sure that you can answer these questions before you make a switch that sinks the company Amazon has helped you to create.