International ecommerce sites with Chris Scrimgour of Payoneer - Amazing FBA - How to sell on Amazon UK
International ecommerce sites with Chris Scrimgour of Payoneer

So we know that Amazon sellers want to get off Amazon. The scale, fast growth, and convenience don’t quite outweigh the fear of their best-selling product, or even their entire account, being suspended overnight.

But what about international selling? What are the options, and the best practices in finding off Amazon channels in a global marketplace?

Chris Scrimgour of Payoneer is heading up (for the UK and Western Europe)  an exciting new programme of partnership with multiple new marketplaces. We address some of the challenges and get some common sense around international e-commerce sites as part of diversifying your business off Amazon.


You’ll Learn:

  • How to know where to sell
  • How to reach out to marketplaces
  • Why are marketplaces so strict
  • Things that marketplaces are looking for
  • How to plan a rollout
  • How does Payoneer Green Channels work
  • Do’s and dont’s for international e-commerce


With Green Channel acting as the matchmaker between sellers and marketplaces, Payoneer ensures sellers are onboarded efficiently as well as receive special attention from the marketplaces they’re introduced to. This can include special discounts on commission rates, free ads packages, a global ecosystem of support for logistics, warehouse, ERP, local influence, and traffic. Of course, having received Payoneer’s stamp of approval, marketplaces are keen to work with those sellers who come highly recommended. This whole process makes the transition to selling on a new marketplace much quicker and smoother.


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