Imaginative Business Problem Solving with Dillon Carter
Imaginative Business Problem Solving with Dillon Carter

Imagination in an Amazon business

In a world of Amazon sellers (and there were 2 million active sellers worldwide in 2019), it can become an echo chamber (as Will Tjernlund says) where everyone just copies everyone. Not only does it get pretty repetitive, it’s not good business sense to use the same models as everyone else. Most of all, you could be overlooking some massive wins inherent in the ecommerce/Amazon situation right now.

Dillon CArter of and Michael knock around some of the more radical ways you could consider moving your business forward – or even forming a completely new kind of business at a higher level.

You’ll Learn

  • Why you need to have a funnel for the Amazon Wholesale Sourcing game
  • How Dillon lost $2000 in profit by NOT tracking his supplier relationships well
  • Why managing the ongoing supplier relationship is massively neglected and why that matters…
  • How to respond long-term to the (also long-term) trend towards lower prices in any product category
  • How to solve capital shortages (not an “easy” win but nonetheless a proven model)
  • 3 big-picture big opportunities in e-commerce and retail broadly right now (2 of them involve combining physical retail businesses with online selling!)
  • How using Leveraged Buyouts can mean you buy half a  business…which then  buys itself!

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