Hypnotic Copy for Amazon with Diane Boerstler Part 2 - Amazing FBA - How to sell on Amazon UK
Hypnotic Copy for Amazon with Diane Boerstler Part 2

Today’s guest, Diane Boerstler, is known as The Hypnotic Amazon copywriter. She has helped small family businesses make over 5 BILLION dollars over 12 years and is  master NLP certified. And that NLP/hypnosis background gives Diane a powerful framework in understanding consumers. 


Once you’ve got a genuinely differentiated product,  the next temptation is just to copy your competition and – if you’re a bit more imaginative – change what is in the end a formulaic way of writing copy and choosing images. 


But to really have great conversion rates, prices and profits – you need something more sophisticated. Diane’s background as a therapist and special needs teacher and in NLP has given her a powerful understanding of what really drives human behaviour – including that of consumers on Amazon. Diane shares with us her highly powerful 5-part framework for understanding human drivers. We also highlight the importance of identifying the culture of the buyers you’re selling to, and how geography and culture intersect in USA for Amazon sellers. 


You’ll Learn:

  • How environment affects decision making
  • Examples of things that affects your decision
  • How quantity matters
  • The ethical side of NLP
  • The proper mindset of NLP


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