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How to Understand your Amazon Customers with Diane Boerstler

Today’s guest, Diane Boerstler, is known as The Hypnotic Amazon copywriter. She has helped small family businesses make over 5 BILLION dollars over 12 years and is   master NLP certified. And that NLP/hypnosis background gives Diane a powerful framework in understanding consumers. 


The words used to sell products have always been a key part of distance selling. Selling via words goes all the way to the catalogues in the 1890s using the rail network of the USA – the original “net” connecting America. 

Is copywriting still important in 2020 and beyond and on Amazon? It turns out from our guest’s result – yes! Hugely, in fact. 


Diane has helped her clients sell 5 BILLION dollars of products  as a copywriter. But the temptation is always to hire a great copywriter or generally really on great copy and images to sell a product. While that – the marketing – is a key piece, in modern Amazon it’s so critical to think through clearly how to make a different product before even trying to sell it. 


Most sellers start with keywords. Important as those are,  for Diane, everything – product development or marketing – starts with human psychology.  We talk through how to easily get human feedback on what people want BEFORE you go sourcing a product. Above all, how to identify who your best buyers are and what really makes them tick; and how to sell your product to them elegantly and in the end, for a higher price  – and profit!


You’ll Learn:

  • What to look for in a product
  • Where to find out what people want
  • How copywriting increases conversions
  • The characteristics of a a genuine premium product
  • What to avoid in selling your product
  • The importance of qualitative research
  • The importance of reading Amazon reviews
  • The significance of comparing your products to the customer’s needs


How to contact Diane:

[email protected] 

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