How to Ship to Amazon Germany From UK with Andy Hooper - Amazing FBA - Grow your 7-Figure Amazon Business
How to Ship to Amazon Germany From UK with Andy Hooper

Many of my big seller friends in the UK made millions of pounds and Euros before Brexit. Same is true for the 7-figure clients in my mastermind.

But after Brexit, many went from €1 million or more a year in Europe to a handful of Euros. It’s been a painful road back for some of us. So is selling into Amazon Europe still viable? And if most of your stock is in the UK to start with, how do we cross the EU barrier?

There seem to be so many issues. Between VAT registration, “indirect representatives”, and customs declarations, it can seem very intimidating. Add in the vagaries of the German and French governments and it can feel like it’s not worthwhile.

There are two reasons to rethink this position.

Let’s look at the opportunity first.

Firstly, the size of the opportunity is bigger than ever. The pandemic boosted sales in Germany as it did in all Amazon marketplace. Relative to other marketplaces, Germany is the 2nd biggest in the world. Relative to its own size 2 or 3 years ago, it’s huge. Either way, it’s a huge market.

Secondly, if you’re facing barriers, so are your competitors. If you can solve this problem, you face much lower competition than you would in equivalent UK or US markets.

But what about all those niggly problems?

Luckily, all is not as bad as it seems. For starters, companies exist that specialise in solving exactly this kind of problem. Companies like Global Ecomm Experts in fact! Then also, the practices have been stabilising between the UK and EU. Plus, some countries are easier to deal with than others. Find the smoother path into Europe via those countries, and it all becomes much more doable.


What You’ll Learn

  • Understanding the Pre-Brexit and Post-Brexit economy
  • The current situation and how this will benefit your business
  • What’s the next step, Post-Brexit?
  • Customs and the importance of having an Indirect Rep
  • The best way to scale your brand!
  • The complications of EFN