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November 27, 2019

How to Sell on Amazon Canada with Kevin Sanderson

Learning how to sell on Amazon Canada might be more profitable than you think. Kevin Sanderson talks about how selling to Canada has its benefits.

Here’s what you need to know to get started selling on Amazon Canada:

Is Selling on Amazon FBA in Canada Worth It

A lot of people have the belief that it’s not worth selling in Amazon Canada. There are actually more people in California than in Canada for example. 

However, 75%-90% of people live within 100 miles of the US border. 

Canada gives about 13% of Kevin’s US sales when he learned how to sell on Amazon Canada. 

10% is a good benchmark if it’s a similar catalogue of products. 

It’s about 10.

How much is the Profitability when Selling in Amazon Canada?

It depends on the product but it can be more profitable. 

Toronto and Montreal are very expensive cities, up there with New York City etc. 

A lot of others live in remote towns with a small poor general store (7/11) maybe an hour’s drive away. 

If you can go on Amazon and click a button and it arrives in a couple of days – or if the pricing is not far off your expensive store in Toronto -it’s worth it when you learn how to sell on Amazon Canada.  

Here is an In-depth rating of that course.

So even if you ship into the USA first before you go into Canada, you can maybe add 5-10%

Is Amazon Logistics Available in Canada?

Ship from China to USA (his place in Florida), then on to Canada. 

Can’t be a control freak in Europe – users FBA Prep UK. 

Myth: “If you order MOQ of 1000 units, I have to order another 1000 units”

Not true! You can just send inventory directly from China to Canada or via the USA. 

As long as it’s profitable, you want your inventory moving as fast as possible. 

How to ship into Canada from the USA?

The best rates for shipping in UPS is in the US but Amazon wants nothing to do with crossing foreign borders. 

Freight forwarders, however, do this all the time. 

It’s not quite as inexpensive as shipping with Amazon UPS. 

If you put in promo code “EASY” or promo code “FAST” it’ll save you 40% for “standard shipping” by putting this into UPS. 

Then you pay the “GST” kind of like VAT – you pay at the border and then you can use this as a credit. 

Is there tax on Amazon Canada?

If under $1.5M CAD get paid once a year. 

You get a tax invoice from Amazon once a month – you can usually use this as a credit. Depending on the province it’s shipped from.  

Amazon Canada and Remote Import Fulfillment Status

  • Have to register for sales tax Federal – GST (General Sales Tax) or HST depending on Province
  • Register for a business number 
  • Fill out a form for a non-resident company
    • Like EIN but does more things:
    • GST, HST, 
    • if under <$1.5M CAD only have to file once a year. 
    • It’s added on top of sales price by Amazon
    • You also get input credits like VAT (about 5% of declared value)

What is the BEST WAY to ship my goods from China to Canada

This is certainly possible – but ask whoever is doing shipping for you. 

For example the factory or the freight forwarder. 

It’s actually less complicated than sending in items to the USA. 

They just want to know the total amount – dimensions per box! 

The USA is WAY more complex than any other country!

US Sales tax is incredibly complex. 

What are your suggestions to start with?

Jeff Bezos built Amazon to what it is today by thinking long term. 

Maybe when we start a marketplace, we lose a little money, but we will then get better. We then have the ability to grow our businesses. 

If we already have a fire, it’s like throwing gasoline (petrol) on the fire. 

Don’t get caught up with smaller unit sales!

You could drive more sales with more keywords when you know how to sell on Amazon Canada.

Risk-reward for going international is pretty great. 

Keep widening the net!

“If you do the things others don’t do, you’ll get the things others won’t have.”


If you want to learn more about Selling in Amazon UK , you can click the link below:



Watch my full interview with Kevin Sanderson

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