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January 19, 2021

How to get the most out of Email Marketing to improve your E-Commerce Sales

Do you own an eCommerce store? If yes!! Then you must be perplexed about how to increase your conversions!! Email Marketing might not sound like a lot but everyone is doing it, right? So there might be some hidden value behind it. 

Email Marketing can lead to an increase in sales for your eCommerce Store. My name is Aabhas Vijay and I am the founder of www.SMTPServers.co where we teach marketing automation and email marketing hacks. 

Let’s begin the journey to find out how to make the most use of Email Campaigns for your online store? In this post, I will tell you everything about it so you can start right away. Let’s dive in!

Let’s start by defining what is a transactional email?: it is the email that is sent automatically after a transaction. I mean, a sale? Yes, but not only that. Now you might be thinking what does an online store owner have to do with transactional emails?

Also, remember some people’s use SMTP Servers to send free transactional emails in an eCommerce store, You can use a dedicated email server if you have thousands of subscribers.  

We see all the different type of Campaigns in an online store which is automated and are transactional emails :

  • Welcome email (associated with a new user registration).
  • Abandoned cart emails
  • Order summary email.
  • Payment email accepted.
  • Email of problems with the payment.
  • Abandoned cart recovery email.
  • A confirmation email that your order has been shipped.
  • Customer feedback email (how was everything?).
  • Password reset email.
  • Thank you email.
  • An email with automatic responses from support/customer service.

Indeed, there are more, but these are the main Email Campaigns that can be sent to retain our customers and or help them make a purchase. There is a definitive way to write an email, and you should keep it in mind whenever you are sending emails.

How to sell more with Email Marketing?

In email marketing, in order to sell more and generate trust in the user, you should never miss out on opportunities to interact with your subscribers.

Here are some of the ways which you can use to improve your eCommerce sales with the help of email marketing. 

Send Relevant information about the order

The details of what one bought, how he/she paid for it, how long will it take to reach its destination, the link to download the invoice, and even the tracking ID of the order. This will help you make a healthy relationship with your shoppers. 

Contact information

It is extremely crucial to make your shoppers know how to reach you. This builds a sense of belongingness and trust between seller and customer. Most importantly, customers feel safe when they know that they can contact you whenever required. In case of any kind of any discrepancy,  provide them with choices to contact you such as email, phone, fax, WhatsApp, Line, Skype, Chat, or whatever. 

Link to your website and the sections that may create interest 

Linking back to your website will increase your scope. For example, A direct link to the page where one can monitor one’s order can be included in your email. This will make it easier for clients to use your website. It is a great way of generating traffic and on the page, you can also show them the previous products that they viewed. 

Generate Trust

We use great secure payment platforms. Importantly, SSL encryption of our website is also secure. Clients have always found our website reliable and helpful, we hold strong feedback. Hence, I believe that it should be put in the Email to reinforce the client’s trust! It will help strengthen the confidence of the customer!

This point yields little direct results, however they boost profits by spreading faith in the mind of your shoppers and in the long turn in your business.

Incentive for future purchases

Transactional emails appear to have a higher open rate than newsletters when they are in sync with an urgent action that the subscriber has just taken. It helps in engaging customers more.

They also serve as a good tool to provide promotional vouchers, promotional deals, partner and/or support schemes, etc. with exposure. Transactional emails are like a direct conversation with customers. In this article, I have pointed some free transactional email providers

Promote up selling and cross selling

These emails are a safe place to encourage, promote and advertise up-selling and cross-selling, suggesting users, products related to the purchase they have just made or viewed in the past (if you know about it, you can filter those products according to category). 

Bonus track

My recommendation in your cart retrieval emails is to concentrate on closing the deal. What does it entail? Stretch as far as you can with the rope. 

I believe in providing benefits such as discounts: (although it is a dangerous strategy since you can enter the dynamic of always abandoning the cart to get that discount). Free shipping can be another opportunity. Here is an article that I have written to help you use free autoresponders and setting up abandoned cart emails using these autoresponders. 

Place a simple, prominent call to action (CTA) that unambiguously leads the customer to the action that you want them to take. Please make sure that you have nailed your emails in order to create an impact, CTA alignment, structure, colors everything should be strategically thought after so that it can persuade your buyers, if you have a budget please hire a graphic design service like delesign or mailbakery, etc.

Another very significant advice is not to overdo it immediately: do not send an abandoned cart email as soon as they leave the cart, first send a reminder mail after 4-5 hours, then wait for another 12 hours if still no action is taken send an email with similar items, and a third email after 24 hours which offers a discount for a limited time period, on the products they have left in the cart.

I have used this technique to get more conversions. The aim is to remind each prospect not only of the cart they have left but also of the key market advantages and exclusive selling proposals: free delivery for each order, a gift card, etc.

This emphasizes the decision-making of each buyer, but if you introduce an opportunity with a time accelerator, for example, “that X discount or X offer is valid only for the next 24 hours” it could boost conversion.



Hope these techniques help you get more conversions, I have been using them since the beginning of my career and have helped numerous e-commerce companies to increase their sales using email marketing.


Author Bio – Aabhas Vijay is the founder of an email marketing blog www.smtpservers.co that teaches how to use a free SMTP to scale small & medium businesses. 



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