How to Create a Solid Website
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How to Create a Solid Website

Anyone who has a business of any size needs to give a considerable amount of time and attention to their website. A fully functional, logical, and attractive website are just a few of the must-haves in order to grow your business online. That’s because most people will check out a company’s website before making a purchase. Your website is your window to the world, and if it leaves something to be desired, your visitors will pick that up immediately and click off. You will lose custom, and if this continues, you could go out of business. So, in this day and age, your website is key to your success.

Site Logic

When you create a website, it makes sense to do it with a plan. A plan can help you create a logical website that has everything in the right place. If you just create one and then add to it, over time, you will find pages in the wrong place, headings that make no sense in relation to their content, and it can become a bit like a maze finding what you need to find. If this sounds a bit like your website, then it may be time to restart it with a solid plan in place. Look at all your content and create a site plan which makes sense. Consider the customer experience and what your customers are looking for when they arrive. Is it easy to find?

The Site Content

There isn’t much that is more important than the content that creates your website. Content encompasses things like the written word, images, videos, blogs, vlogs, gifs, infographics, etc. When it comes to your written pages, do not be under the delusion that you need more text. Even if a page looks pretty thin on the ground, avoid the temptation to waffle on. Customers do not want to read a page of text (even if it is Shakespearean) to get the information they need. Be straight to the point. Succinct is the name of the game here. It may be an idea to completely rewrite all your content. Take a look at an SEO guide to ensure your content is loaded with the right data so that the search engines will find you too.

Loading Speed

If your website does not open up quickly enough ly, you will find that you have a high bounce rate. A slow-loading page is one surefire way to turn off potential customers. Visitors do not like waiting for pages to load. So, ensure your pages are optimized correctly and that they are not clogged up by unnecessary content like useless gifs.

Site Functionality

Broken links, missing documents, buttons that don’t work, etc., are just a few of the things that mean your site does not function correctly. Also, think about your online shop. If that is not working correctly, you will miss out on vital sales. Many small businesses find it useful to use content management systems like WordPress, where things like online shops are part of the package.