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March 27, 2023

How can I Optimise an E-commerce Store? with Chase Clymer of Electric Eye

Chase Climber, co-founder of Electric.I, joins the podcast to discuss optimizing ecommerce stores. He explains that many Amazon sellers struggle to optimize their own store, and even sellers who are only on direct-to-consumer sites face similar issues. Electric.I creates Shopify powered sales machines from their sites with a strategic design approach and intelligent development decisions. He also hosts the Honest Ecommerce podcast with honest advice to increase sales and grow businesses. The key message of this episode is that to grow profits, sellers must cut waste and increase profitable sales, and the Quick Assessment at Amazonprofitquiz.com can help identify the biggest profit killer.



0:00:00 | Optimizing Your Ecommerce Store with Chase Climber of Electric.
0:02:28 | Heading: Optimizing Existing Store: Is It Possible to Be Good at Both Amazon and Shopify?
0:04:22 | Conversation on the Necessity of Specialized Heads for Ecommerce and Amazon Businesses
0:06:08 | Analysis of Direct-to-Consumer vs. Reselling on Amazon: A Case Study
0:07:42 | Analysis of Ecommerce Opportunity for Private Label Products
0:12:22 | Heading: Strategies for Finding Product Market Fit
0:13:24 | Analysis of Drop Shipping and Private Label Business Product Profitability
0:16:03 | Exploring Strategies to Increase Average Order Value (AOV)
0:17:48 | Case Study: Moving from Amazon to Direct Consumer with Limited Success
0:20:59 | Conversation Summary: Building an Online Channel vs. Selling on Amazon
0:22:49 | Optimizing a Shopify Store for Increased Conversion Rates
0:26:06 | RO Retainer: A Case Study on Increasing Average Order Value by 25%
0:30:55 | Exploring the Journey of Ecommerce with Honest Ecommerce Podcast
0:31:55 | Interview with Chase Clymer: Discussing Electricy IO, Marketplace vs. Direct to Consumer, and CRO
0:33:28 | Interview with Chase Climate of Electric Eye: A Crash Course in Brand Scaling for Amazon Sellers

If you’re looking to excel in both marketplaces and DTC, it’s important to understand that they require separate skillsets. Most 8-figure plus brands have someone in charge of each division. If you want to optimize DTC, it’s going to take a lot of time and effort. You need to understand the nuances of the platform, whether it’s Shopify, Woocommerce, or Magento.

Case Study 1: Why a Reseller with Some PL Only Made 1M on DTC

If you’re not seeing profits on DTC, there could be a variety of reasons. You need to consider your product mix and whether you’re focusing on private labeling or reselling. Is your energy and margin solely focused on one aspect? What is your CAC? Are customers looking for your product? Is your entire catalogue on your DTC site?

If you’re approaching DTC with the mentality of a marketplace, consider spinning it out or hiring a head of ecommerce. You can still keep reselling while building your own DTC. It’s also important to analyze your sales and see what’s actually selling on your site. You can also consider bundling products that aren’t selling as free gifts or offering promotions to increase AOV.

Case Study 2: How to Transition from Amazon to DTC

Transitioning from Amazon to DTC requires a lot of investment and effort, particularly in driving traffic. Don’t rely solely on Google SEO, as there are thousands of other sites competing for attention. You need to invest in influencers, paid ads, and other forms of marketing. When optimizing your site, focus on speed and performance, as slow sites can lower your CVR. Use ICE (impact, competence, ease) to prioritize your CRO efforts, and conduct customer interviews and user testing to understand why customers aren’t buying.

By focusing on increasing AOV, improving conversion rates, and driving traffic, you can succeed in both marketplaces and DTC. Remember, it’s a unique mindset and skillset, but it’s one that can be learned with time and effort.


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