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With over 940,000 downloads across the Amazing FBA Podcast family, 100s of expert interviews and a core audience of UK & US Amazon private label sellers…welcome to the podcast family!

If you’re interested in being considered as a podcast guest, please can we ask you to:

  1. Read who we serve and what we aim to give our listeners
  2. guests we’re after for each show
  3. If it’s you – click the link to the application form & Tell us what we need to have  you on as  a valued guest!

I hope I get to talk to you soon!

All the best – Michael

Michael Veazey

Podcast Host, 10K Collective, Amazing FBA & The E-commerce Leader Podcasts

eCommerce consultant, Amazon Mastermind Convenor

Why this page?

If you want to be a guest on a top podcast that’s listened to by people running Amazon-focussed eCommerce businesses – then you’re in the right place.

We are in a lucky position to be getting more and more people asking to be on the shows. We already have a lot of great content ready to publish, so we need to start being selective. It’s a quality problem to have, but still a problem.

This page is part of the solution.

We’ve created this page to help work out if you (or the guest you’re pitching) are a good fit for the podcast.

I’ll also try to be transparent about how strong a priority your kind of expertise is for us at the moment.

It should mean we are able to get back to you with a “We’d love to have you on the show” – rather than a “who are you again? Oh yeah, you’ve emailed us 6 times with no response because we have inbox overwhelm!”

About the 10K Collective Podcast:

Who the 10K Collective Core Audience are:

  • eCommerce business owners, selling their own Private Label or custom products direct to consumers
  • They sell primarily on Amazon, although many have started their own website.
  • While they may have started with RA/OA on Amazon
  • and may still be buying wholesale, that is not their focus.
  • They may sell B2B – but most don’t
  • Marketers and senior team members working at eCommerce businesses
  • With sales of 6, -7 and 8 figures a year (so anywhere from $100K to  $20M + a year)

What this means to you: if you serve this kind of audience, it’s a close match

Much as I love off-Amazon e-commerce and internet marketing, we have some core clients we serve. The core content needs to reflect this. We’ll take people more on the edge of the core from time to time but the closer you serve our inner core audience, the quicker we’ll get you on the show!

Who The 10K Collective broader audience  includes:

this audience – we aim to serve but are not our core target audience :

  • Existing FBA sellers doing under 6 figures in revenue
  • Amazon sellers using other business models, including: RA, OA, Replens, Wholesale sourcing, Merch, KDP etc.
  • Private label/custom product/brand owners who sell B2B
  • eCommerce sellers who don’t sell on Amazon
  • Amazon wannabes/Amazon pre-revenue startups (ie with no sales)

What this means to you: if you serve this kind of audience, it’s a loose match

I’d still be interested to have you on potentially, but we won’t be rushing to do it at the moment as we have big projects to get out of the door! Worth filling out a form and checking back in a few months.

Who The 10K Collective audience includes  but is NOT our focus

  • SaaS companies, website agencies, marketing agencies, crowdfunders
  • Amazon business aggregators, Business brokers, etc.

What this means to you: if you serve this kind of audience, it’s not really a match

While it might be worth us getting in touch (do drop an email to admin@amazingfba.com) and there might be collaborations to be made, it doesn’t sound like a match for the public podcast.

If it is a match: What we offer you

net net:! up to 10K followers!

With over 940,000 downloads across the Amazing FBA Podcast family (Amazing FBA, 10K Collective and The E-commerce Leader), and with hundreds of expert interviews live, we are an established presence in the Amazon private label podcast sphere.All 10K Collective episodes reach an audience both on the Amazing FBA podcast channel and the 10K Collective podcast channel for maximum exposure. We record interviews live which are streamed direct to my personal Facebook profile (>2K e-commerce related “Friends”), the AFBA Faceook group (>2K members); My Linkedin profile (>2K followers), our Youtube channel (>1K subscribers) Instagram, Twitter (>1K followers)We then edit, and remaster the audio to publish later on our podcast networks reaching up to another 1000 listeners.We also promote the content to our email list.In total across all channels, we estimate a reach anywhere from a few thousand up to 10K followers – depending on the level of duplication (one person following us in multiple media) you calculate.

While we don’t claim a giant audience, we work hard to reach the right people. If you’re interested in reaching 6-8 figure Amazon sellers, especially in UK and USA, this is a good place to start.

What kind of Guests we want for the Podcast

We take THREE types of guests:


Our favourite interviews are with people running their own 6-, 7- or 8-figure + eCommerce operation, particularly if it’s mostly Amazon focussed;  or on the senior team eg Director of Amazon Sales for a larger brand with off-Amazon or offline sales.If that’s you, please apply now! We don’t hear from enough retailers/sellers/business owners.

We’d want to know:

  •  your business has been up and running for at least a year,
  • you have a substantial % of sales on Amazon
  • You sell at least partly unique/PL products
  • you’re doing over $/£/25K a month in sales,

and Michael thinks your story will be of interest to the audience  (this is a little subjective of course!) then we’d love to have you. Please fill in a quick form and we’ll get back to you.


If you’ve written a book that’s highly relevant to our audience – we’re interested. You MUST be selling the book on Amazon as at least an ebook (and preferably a paperback) and we will check your reviews in the UK and USA before offering you any interview. It’s desirable for it to be available in at least USA and UK, if not preferably across North America and Europe, but we’ll accept publication in USA only or UK only.

Expert eCommerce/Amazon Agency/SaaS/Consultants & other Service Providers

Frankly, this is currently the vast majority of our content. I’m very happy to bring guests to the audience who are Amazon experts with something genuinely useful or newish to share.

However, If you are offering something that is frankly mostly a commodity -Amazon keyword research tool, international freight forwarding etc. – then we would need to see something a bit unique.

It could be that you REALLY solve a problem few others are solving. In which case, get in touch!

It could be a genuinely original  angle on an existing problem.

Please note that for partnership reasons, we can’t take:

  • Amazon PPC or account management agencies;
  • stock control/inventory projection systems/advice/SaaS
  • repricing SaaS
  • reimbursement services
  • 3PLs in the USA

(NB if you’re a freight forwarder and IF – IF!! – you can get REALLY ship goods reliably from UK to EU right now, we want to hear from you!)

List of past episodes here

Still confident you match what we’re looking for?

What do if you’ve read our criteria and want to apply:

Fill in our application form

Please bear in mind:

  • Please fill in as much details as you can – the more you say the better chance you have of getting on the show.
  • We review the most relevant applications about once every week or so, and we’ll contact you if it’s a yes.
  • others may take 3-4 weeks to review
  • Feel free  to chase us but in proportion to these timetables. Daily emails for a podcast appearance are excessive!
  • please contact Von (podcast manager) on admin@amazingfba.com rather than Michael
  • If you have something new to pitch us – then feel free to submit another application – we’d love that.
  • If  there are multiple DIFFERENT topics you’d like to speak about – then feel free to submit up to TWO applications on different topics.

Thanks for taking the time to read this – and look forward to reading your application!

The Amazing FBA Podcast

The Amazing FBA Core Audience are:

  • Existing FBA sellers doing under 6 figures in revenue
  • FBA sellers using other business models, including: RA, OA, Replens, Wholesale sourcing, Merch, etc.
  • Amazon wannabes/Amazon pre-revenue startups (ie with no sales)

We are not currently accepting new guests for this podcast.

We are using this (very established) channel to reach a larger audience for the 10K Collective Podcast episodes.