Greg’s Background

Greg started with a day job as a civil engineer. About 3 years ago, he started buying items wholesale and sold them on Amazon. As that got more competitive, he switched to Private Label products.

Greg is by no means a lawyer and you should speak with an attorney about any specifics when doing Amazon product research. The information shared here should not be considered legal advice. But Greg has a lot of experience dealing with these types of things.


42 Amazon Product Research With Greg Mercer Of Jungle Scout Part 1 Of 2

Greg talks about the difference between Private Label vs. Wholesale model and the importance of developing a Jungle Scout.

43 Amazon Supplier Negotiation & The Future Of Amazon With Greg Mercer – Part 2 Of 2

Greg discusses about building a defensive wall around your products to build reviews and sales rank to get a solid head start on the competition.

135 Greg Mercer on the Best Products to Sell On Amazon – Part 1 of 5

In this interview, Greg talks about the first step to finding the best products to sell on Amazon. He also discusses free ways to find out how well a product sells.

136 Amazon Product Research With Greg Mercer Of Jungle Scout – Part 2 Of 5

In this interview, Greg will look for red flags. If it’s a unique item that he’s never seen before or has a unique feature, that would be a red flag. Another would be if they’re the only ones selling that type of product. Whereas if there are 8 people selling the same thing, it’s probably not patented because the patent owner would have come after them.

137 Best Products To Sell Online With Greg Mercer – Part 3 Of 5

Greg talks about finding possible best products to sell online, as Greg mentioned in the previous episode, you can look at Amazon’s best seller, or look for trends in your everyday life.

138 Greg Mercer On Amazon Product Launch – Part 4 Of 5

Greg has first-hand experience with this as he has launched six or seven products since October; three or four in the last few weeks. An Amazon product launch is very different after this updated Terms of Service was released.

139 Greg Mercer On Amazon In 2017 – Part 5 Of 5

Greg talks about how email follow-up sequences will become more important. They’ve always been important, but now that they are the only real way to get reviews, they are that much more important.