Getting Your Start-Up Off The Ground
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Getting Your Start-Up Off The Ground

When it comes to getting your business off the ground it can sometimes seem like the most impossible task on earth. The good news is, it doesn’t have to be. You may be worried about falling into the new business statistics and simply becoming just another number. It is common knowledge that up to an astonishing 90% of businesses fail to make it to their first year of trading let alone their fifth. Take a look below to find out some useful advice on how to start your business from scratch.

Know What You Want

First of all, you need to have a plan. You won’t be able to get your business started if you don’t know what that business is in the first place. Everything you see around you today, including businesses and buildings started with an idea. Even the tiny pop-up kiosks you may get your morning drinks from. Whatever ideas you think of, no matter how small, write them down. They may go from nothing into something rather quickly if you plan it the right way. If you create a business plan and write down all the necessary information such as where you see your business in a year, in five years, and 10 years. It should also contain all the goals you are setting for yourself and your business.

The Right Services

When it comes to your business you may need a little professional input if you are not sure what to do. This may be true for something like your company website, using professional website design services will ensure you have the perfect website for your customers to use. Remember, your business isn’t open 24/7 but your website is. Even when you are closed you can still be receiving orders. You might also find it useful to use someone like an accountant to help you with the number crunching. If this is your first dip into owning a business then it is okay to ask for help when you need it.

Have The Manpower

Hiring the right team is essential if you want your business to swim rather than sink. Having the right people work for you will ensure they have your business at heart and always want to see it succeed. When it comes to hiring you need to get the advertisement right from the start. This way you will only get serious people applying rather than timewasters. A great job advert should state the type of person you are looking for and what skills and qualifications you would like them to possess.

Location, Location, Location

Finally, you need to decide where you want to be located. This depends on the type of business you have, for example, if you have a shop then you will want to be located in the main hustle and bustle. You need to be somewhere that is easily located by members of the general public. If you are an office block then it doesn’t matter so much if you are set back a bit. Think about what would suit you and your business better and then go from there.