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Sourcing Check "GEM"

Who is this for?

  • You've done your Market Research (Niche Market choice) & know what kind of keywords you're targetting (our "RAC" Market Research Sanity Check, may help you if you're unsure about that)
  • You've looked for suppliers (manufacturers/factories), shortlisted them - probably got samples - and you've got it down to 1 or 2 suppliers and exact product models
  • You're serious. You're on the point of spending $1000s on a Private Label or custom order - but you want to double check this is a good plan. 

Why do this?

Product Research
  • Save Yourself Months of trying to source the wrong way
  • Save Yourself Thousands- skip inspection or get your communication wrong, and you could spend $6000 or £5000 in exchange for unsellable stock
  • Advice from a Seasoned Amazon Seller and Coach... Between myself and my business partner, we have sourced multiple products in multiple categories. Plus helping clients source for 2 1/2 years.  I've made the mistakes you don't have to. I've learned the lessons so you can just copy the techniques and save stress.  

Are you About to spend £/$/€1000s on your "Perfect Product"? 

We've all been there.

You went through all the doubt and all the boring grind of research, spreadsheet overload and discussion on Facebook Groups (by the way, good luck with advice from people who have made...ooh...precisely zero dollars online. Ever)

Then of course, you've had the joy of going through Alibaba, emailing suppliers and a whole new head-spin handling multiple email or Skype or WeChat conversations  with multiple suppliers. 

And now - at last - you think you're ready to go.

You've got the factory who seems to be responsive (and seems to actually be a factory...but that's another story...)

The product samples seemed good. 

You've negotiated a bit on price and the figures seem to stack up. 

You trust your supplier. You don't need to mess with inspection. And freight to USA is supposed to be simple these day. 

But, if you're reading this, I think you still have concerns.

In my experience - you probably should have! Many clients come to me just a step away from a sourcing nightmare. 

Concerns include questions like...

"Can I trust this manufacturer?"
"How do I know if they will really produce this product the way I want? "
"What about quality control?"

"How do I really negotiate?"

"Is this actually the right decision and use of my money?"

And overall feelings, like; 

"Maybe I'm wrong!"

"But then what if I'm RIGHT? I should just plunge ahead and risk thousands. Screw it. "

After nearly 4 years of Amazon selling, 2 1/2 years of mentoring, 2 years of masterminds,

I hear you!

If you're really sharp, you'll have spotted that I just offered you what we call in the trade a "false dichotomy". (Ah! Tricked you!)

Choice 1 - Doubt and inaction

 Doubt yourself. Play it safe and buy nothing. Lose no money...but you've now lost time in research...and still have no business...

Choice 2 - Blind Faith

 Doubt yourself BUT grit your teeth. Spend thousands in the hope of making thousands more. But knowing in your gut that you're wondering if you will lose thousands instead. 


There is a very simple third way. 

Choice 3 - Get Some Professional Input

Have some faith in your sourcing work so far (Self belief is critical for an entrepreneur, after all)

AND  be humble enough to recognise that, first time out, you just might not have the whole picture yet. 

So then - just get some input from someone who's been there...many times before. 

Have enough faith not to give up without a fight...but have the humility to ask for help. 

Get an Amazing FBA "GEM" Sourcing Sanity Review. 

The "GEM" Process

G=General Review

E=Examine Details

M=Make Clear Recommendation

General Review

We will double check your market research briefly, and also check the process you've gone through to this point. 

 NB This is not the place to review your product research in detail. If you need to do that, our RAC Product Research Check is the service you need. 

Examine Details

We will double check:

  •  Your costs, projected P & L 
  • Paperwork or agreements with your supplier
  • Your Quality Control processes (you do have some, don't you?...)
  • Your supply chain: that includes freight but also the exact path your products will take on their way to Amazon
  • Anything else that needs checking. 

Once again, this is not the place to check your research - it's about the nitty-gritty of sourcing. 

Make a Recommendation

It's your business & your decision. But after reviewing the evidence with you, we can make a go/no-go recommendation. 

  •  Your costs, projected P & L 
  • Paperwork or agreements with your supplier

How does it work?

Optional: Review of your Data ($57/£49 standard price)

  • Checklist 1 (general): You'll get a clear checklist of your process so far to gather and send over to us. While this is not a detailed review of your product research (for that you need the RAC Product Research Check), we will include that. 
  • Checklist 2 (sourcing details): you'll get a list of the details you should look at with  regard to your sourcing work. This will include everything outside of the Profit & Loss (P&L) spreadsheet, such as Quality Control documents (if any), Purchase orders etc.    
  • Profit & Loss check: We'll send you a spreadsheet and ask you to fill in the information. If you can't fill in every last cell before our work, or are a bit confused by spreadsheets, don't panic. We can use our time together to make sense of the spreadsheet. That might mean you'll need two sessions to really get to the bottom of your sourcing question. It's up to you if you want that but it's normally money very very ​​​​lay out a basic checklist for the process you should be following to get your first product launched, and check what stage you're at in that process
  • Process check: We'll lay out a basic checklist for the process you should be following to get your first product launched, and check what stage you're at in that process

90-minute Analysis & Clarification Together ($168/£147 standard price) - available separately

  • General Review: We'll go over the data together. We'll get clear  not only what the results mean for your sourcing; we'll also check how well your Process is working
  • check
    Examine Details: We'll check any holes in your existing process, paperwork and P & L  and flag up any red flags or things to fix. 
  • Make a recommendation: If I feel you need to do more work to really get a firm conclusion (often the case), I'll be honest about that. But equally, I'll give you clear guidance on whether I can recommend you 1. proceed with your product; 2. renegotiate or re-engineer the deal or 3. leave well alone!  

Special Offer -  for next 10 people

Making Promises
  • Get both the Review & Analysis/Discussion for just $168 USD/£139  GBP
  • I'll also record our Zoom session (like Skype but better) and send you the video
  • I'll even take some notes and send you a written record of our conversation afterwards!

What to do next to book straight away...

To book in your session with me, just click on the button below, then choose the correct service below to choose one. 

You'll be taken to the page where we offer all 3 sanity check services:

Amazon Consultation

First, click on the service you want.

You'll be asked to confirm your timezone, then you'll be offered a variety of time slots from my diary/schedule I've made available.

You just choose your slot, pay, and you're booked in! (Yes, we can handle Credit cards or Paypal. And yes, different currencies are not an issue either. If they are an issue, email support and we will make it happen!)

You'll then be sent emails to make sure we're ready to work together to get your work clarified. 


If you have any quick questions about how the service works, or any tech issues, please just email 

Please note: we won't be able to give you free  guidance on email about  your actual sourcing. This is purely about the service itself. Our support staff are not trained in advising about Amazon or sourcing.

If I'm answering support emails myself - which I often still do at the moment myself - that means I'm having to move fast. My focus is on helping our podcast listeners, and paying clients.  We cannot give free individual advice (the podcast is there to give our free advice after all!)

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