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Fulfilment for Amazon with Amit of Rosenthal Logistics

3PL fulfillment for Amazon (using a 3rd party logistics warehouse to store products and send them to end consumers) has never been the preferred method for Amazon sellers. With some odd exceptions in the USA in Q4, Amazon’s FBA system has been fast, reliable, and affordable. 

Until 2020 and the hit of COVID.  

The huge increases in demand for eCommerce products in 2020 have been a boost for Amazon sellers. 

Equally, it has caused major issues for the fulfillment of orders. Even Amazon’s mighty FBA infrastructure has, quite simply, been overwhelmed by the sheer demands on it. 

Many Amazon/eCommerce business owners have taken 3PL fulfillment seriously for the first time this year. And rightly so. Done right, it makes sure you get the goods into the hands of your customers quickly and avoid losing out on sales by going out of stock. But done wrong, it can be a threat to your very ability to sell on Amazon. That’s a situation where expert advice is called for. Lifelong freight expert, Amit Rosenthal, talks us through the options and the downfalls in FBM.


You’ll Learn:

  • Reasons for doing FBM
  • Risks of FBM
  • How to handle order management and linking FBM warehouse to Amazon
  • How to keep an accurate inventory in 3PL
  • When should you use Long and short-term storage