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December 17, 2019

Following up on Amazon Reviews with Automated Email with Henson Wu

Following up on Amazon reviews with automated email is simpler than you think. We talk to Henson Wu on strategies that are sure to catch attention.

Results from FeedbackWhiz – often go from 1% review rate to 3-8% when following up on Amazon reviews with automated email.

If you do nothing, 70% of the time, it’s going to be a negative review. 

Since you now just get one shot these days – you need to maximize the opportunity. 

It needs to be highly optimised – headline, body 

You can add a logo, animated images etc. 

  • Open rates and subject lines
  • Pre-made templates and customising
  • When you send it is important!
  • Who audience is and why

Subject Line

The subject line is critical – to get a review rate of 8% you’ll need to get an open rate of 50%+

Being direct if you know someone is good when following up on Amazon reviews with automated email.

But being too direct is actually NOT good for marketing emails. 

It tends to get ignored by buyers. 

Subject lines like “Could you rate this product?”

That won’t get opened well because

– they know what it says so don’t open

  • Don’t have time

So you need to get people to open it to 

An example of to do with “Amazon Order ID your order inc order number/product name

  • Reason to open the email! eg:
    • Mystery
  • ~The highest converting ones are things like: 
    • “Regarding your Amazon order ID ####”
    • “Pertaining to Amazon no. #….” (populate the order ID)
  • That can get anywhere from 40-60% open rate

The buyer wonders – is there something wrong?

Split testing

Split testing tool up to 5 subject lines! When following up on Amazon reviews with automated email.

Within each campaign, FBW will track the open rates. 

FBW you can set up a campaign to go out for each product. 

You can set up up to 5 subject lines, tracked over a lot of orders. 

Over 1000 orders/day, it will be quick to determine it. 

If you get 500 orders/mo, you may need to wait a month. 

Multiple brands 

Logo inside emails is important – use it!

You get a lot of demographics eg: age, where from etc. 

You will have to understand your audience. 

And have to convert them after you get to them. 

Say baby products, the audience – women 25-40

Maybe they like pics of babies or dogs. 

So you need to figure out who the audience is, and what will get them to convert. 

Customising for say 20 ASINs

You can select exactly which ASINs to tie to that template.

You can also tag.

 Seller Feedback and reviews

What’s the conversion ratio from Seller feedback to product review? 

A lot of people are doing this and getting results. 

If someone left your seller feedback, it means they are willing to take the time.

The hardest thing is to get someone to click on a button and spend 2 minutes. 

So the chances of a product review are pretty high. 


Amazon only allows one review request per order. 

So if you ask for seller feedback, you’re technically sending too many emails. 

It’s outside TOS if you have both. 

Some of the biggest sellers ask for seller feedback – People doing this already have good reviews say 1000s of reviews. So they don’t push this. 

So some sellers only ask for reviews if they left 5* feedback. 

Then send a review request email based on the seller feedback. 

You can also have separate feedback that targets 5* feedback. 

Again, don’t put in language that also talks about reviews. 

Just be careful how you track this. 

If you just ask them to transfer what they wrote in the feedback, that would be against TOS, if only to 5*feedback people. 

Whereas if you’re just sending a generic email, it’s okay. 

How to track this and get data

It’s hard to track this! Inserts, emails, other things. 

If you turn off your email automation, you can look at the changes in the data. 

Experimentation is the only way

There are a lot of factors. 

Then there are a lot of personal results

Timing is really important

Don’t ask for a review after 1 day – most people take time. 

Think about the use of the product and how long it takes. 

What FeedbackWhiz does for sellers

It’s not just about more reviews, it’s about higher-quality reviews. 

Email automation tool – integrate a lot of amazon data then try to identify 

There is a lot of data to avoid asking for reviews from those who have returned products or asked for a refund. 

  • Who to target
  • When to send
  • Very customisable


  • Negative or positive reviews are monitored up to 4 times a day. 
  • Changes to listing eg changing categories eg to “Adult” – so suppresses the search term
  • Hijacking


How to set up campaigns and sequences

Exclude certain types of orders – some data is outside of API



You get an email from Amazon – doesn’t come through API – may take a month via settlement reports

You can add FeedbackWhiz as an additional email recipient and they then parse the data

The number of tools is also better.


What the software does 


30 day free trial and free plan – up to 150 emails/month for beginners

For more experienced sellers, value. 


Use this code: amazingfba

 promo code – 50% off the first month!


Watch my full interview with Henson Wu

[video_page_section type=”youtube” position=”bottom” image=”” btn=”light” heading=”” subheading=”” cta=”” video_width=”1080″ hide_related=”false” hide_logo=”false” hide_controls=”false” hide_title=”false” hide_fullscreen=”false”]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AswSDJDP0Q8&feature=youtu.be[/video_page_section]

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