FBA Prep Services with Waleed Shahzad of Ship Hype - Amazing FBA - How to sell on Amazon UK
FBA Prep Services with Waleed Shahzad of Ship Hype

Many Amazon Sellers I’ll be taking huge risks with their ability to sell on Amazon at all without even realizing it.

If you are sending products directly from your manufacturer into an Amazon fulfillment centre without preparing them properly, you risk Amazon rejecting the shipment. Even worse, if the goods get into the warehouse and then they get completely snarled up, it’s a real mess. Often a listing will be suspended.

Worst case scenario, you have to ship them back out to a prep warehouse, fix the issue then ship them back in. Not fun! 

or… you could make sure they are prepared properly yourself. Which takes considerable time and effort…but will teach you no useful skills for the future. 

This is where a 3PL comes in. Waleed of Shiphype talks is through the does and don’ts of working with a 3PL and amazon prep.


You’ll Learn:

  • Reasons why you need a 3PL
  • Why you need a prep centre
  • How to prepare a certain way for FBA
  • Why location matters most
  • Avoiding Sales Tax states for OA