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April 9, 2020

Facebook Ads for eCommerce – Strategy with Rory Stern

Facebook Ads Strategy for eCommerce

“We Deliver the results you hoped your last agency would”

Rory F. Stern has been a best-kept secret working behind the scenes to help build, grow, and scale many successful online companies for the last 14 years.  Today, he manages a small boutique media buying team that specializes in multi-channel traffic.  He is best known for creating ads that convert and being able to get a lot of policy challenged offers approved and running on Facebook.

Core business is growing a business with paid traffic.

How do we get started with this topic of paid traffic esp. Facebook ads for ecommerce?

Mindset for Facebook ads is critical

In the last couple of years, paid traffic has become a very popular topic. It’s often portrayed as very easy.

It is not for the faint of heart and it’s not easy!

It’s a dangerous place to be because you’re spending money!It’s like stock investing – you can lose your fortune with a few clicks of the wrong button!

It’s not as scary as that….but you can mitigate that risk

A lot of us have more time available than money when we start out.

It could take 60-90 days to pay off.

Why are you running paid traffic?

Paid Traffic Strategy vs implementation

Implementation is what everyone wants.

But what we are actually need to start with is strategy?

Goals of Facebook Ads Buying for ecommerce

What you are trying to accomplish?

What is the customer worth at 30, 60, 90 days, a year?

Typical goals of Facebook Ads for eCommerce

  • Scaling: Existing business with existing product, want to sell more of it
  • Reaching customers – Top seller on Amazon – a risk –
    • you don’t own customers!
    • You have narrow guidelines for how to follow up
    • What can you include in the packaging?
  • Are you looking to build a list (ultimately a customer list)?
    • What kind of list? For what purpose?
      • More reviews
      • More sales and better ranking
      • Find out what other products they might want
      • Running affiliate promotions (other people’s products)
    • Rory built ecomm store via a contest
    • Often the USE of a list is the issue not the list itself
  • Direct to sale?

If you want to sell products, it might take 6 steps to get there.

  • Build a list
    • Name and email address
    • Follow up with people to ask a lot of questions

Facebook Ads Strategy must always involve numbers

  • Data
  • Numbers
    • How are you defining success?
  • Time
    • How long are you giving this to work?
    • Nothing works within 24 hours!
    • It may take 30, 60 maybe even 90 days to accomplish goals.

If you’re looking for growth/scale, it’s usually because you’ve hit a ceiling.

So you need to figure out how to get past the ceiling.

Risk tolerance in investing in Paid Media. How much money do you have right now that you could flush down the toilet and get zero dollars back?

That is how much you should be willing to spend!

That means for most of their clients at least $4500 a month; average $150 a day.

Do you have $2000? DO you have $500?

People find a number that way. Then you can divide it over a timeframe over which you can get good meaningful data.

Plan for your Facebook ads

A failure to plan is a plan to fail What is the best way to plan?

Clarify your goals!

Regardless of what you spend, you’ll never get “nothing” back.

You may not get money back but you will get data back.

Paid media and setting goals must be about the medium term and the long term.

Am I doing something that will pay off in 30 days? 90 days? 6 months? A Year? 5 years?

Data is your guaranteed payoff from Facebook Ads

You may or may not get a ROSA. But here’s what you’ll find out at least:

  • Do people like my offer?
  • Do people like my products?
    • Eg add to carts
    • Clicks

If cost per click is too high,

Where are the holes in the sales process?

What’s the next step in Facebook Ads planning for eCommerce?

Plan out your funnel.

Know your numbers

Some people value time more than money etc.

“How do I get money to set aside for paid traffic?”

For example put a certain amount of revenue aside from product sales

Do an extra webinar; sell 5 more units.

Plan out your Paid traffic funnel eg  Goal: get more reviews!

Get customers to leave more reviews.


We don’t control old customers.

Now we have to create new customers?

Let’s say we want 10 new reviews.

Maybe you give away your product in exchange for an honest review.

  • Run an ad on FaceBook to a landing page
  • In that process, you’ve captured their name and email
  • They Buy from Amazon
  • Now they are on my email list outside Amazon

Test to see if people want my lead magnet?

When Rory did first list building

If yes – can I put something there to gather data from the Thank-You Page

“If I were to offer you this, would you be interested?”

The answer was YES!

When they then implemented it maybe a year later (shut it down for ages), they removed the question – they changed the offer.

Let’s say you have ecommerce funnels

How do you start raising money to build your own ecommerce store?

Amazon sales!

Getting products into Big box retail – Walmart, Lows, etc.

Diversifying – why build an email list, why paid traffic.

One is the loneliest number!

Strategy is more important that tactics when running Facebook Ads

Businesses that are shutting down have been tactical.

They rode the wave and they didn’t shore up their foundation.

Implementation is easier. Strategy is hard and deserves the most time.

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Watch my full interview with Rory Stern

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