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April 16, 2020

Facebook Ad Audiences for eCommerce with Rory Stern

Facebook Ad audiences for eCommerce

Facebook Ad Targetting/Audience

Facebook Ad Audiences start with Basic Demographics:

  • Geography eg USA
  • Age 30-65
  • Gender
    • You can pick one but

Often you can let FaceBook find your target audience and NOT put constraints on.

What is a Facebook Ad Pixel event?

This is a conversion event.

You want to have a pixel on your site.

You also at an ad-set level optimise for a conversion event.

SO the purchase Q is on the page AFTER checkout

You can track via

  1. Custom events eg you create a
  2. Standard events
    1. Initiate checkout
    2. Add to cart
    3. purchase
    4. NB there is no abandon cart event
      1. You’ll need to create a new audience in FaceBook

Eg if driving to Shopify start, you want the pixel for add to cart to fire at check-out  step

For purchase, you want to have it on the thank you page.

Trusting FaceBook to choose audience…but in phases

There are phases to trust them

Can you trust them on day one?

Yes you can start a brand new ad account and a new pixel and get purchases within 24 hours.

Some people say you need to get a traffic campaign etc. That’s an advanced technique.

There are times that Rory doesn’t do ANY targeting – his rule of thumb is when his pixel has the data for 5000 purchases, he can then let FaceBook target the entire 230M USA pop on FaceBook because it knows what he wants

Facebook Ads Custom audience

Based on website activity

Eg upload customer list

You can upload prospect list

You can isolate by product and upload by that.

Facebook Ad Lookalike audience

Take a known audience

FaceBook will analyse it based on at least 9 data points

It will find people on FaceBook in a certain geographic area that are most like the custom audience.

  • Country, region etc.

Ideal Facebook Ad Audiences for retargeting

If you can, base it off 1000 data entries or more

The minimum may be 100

% of audience

You can go from 1-10%

There is top 1% who has a 99% likelihood to match your audience.

The higher the %, the larger the audience.

example – essential oils

Country: USA

Gender: Women

Age: 40-65+ (more disposable income)

Detailed targeting for Facebook Ads

“Essential oil”….suggestions

Ideal is 50K+

The default is “OR”

Targeting 12K is possible just starting out. That will only bring a fraction of the customers you want.

You can combine audiences to build up to enough people.

Ideally you want to have just ONE audience if you can.

“Detailed targeting expansion” in Facebook advertising

You want to deselect this as a direct response targeted

“Narrow audience”

You can get people who like one thing AND another to tighten the audience up.

How to define minimum audience size for Facebook Ads

Rule of thumb: You can spend $10 a day for every 10K in an audience

It depends on the “percentage” audience ie how tightly targeted.

If spending $2000 a day, that would imply 1.2M

For Rory 50K up is good. 100-200K is good.

How to know how big or small audience 

There is an essential oil company DoTerra that does millions a year.

Selected DoTerra

AND must have engaged shoppers – 458M people! (People who have clicked to CTA “Shop now” in the last week)

So we’ve brought 3.4M people and brought it down to 1.2M people.

In theory they should be ready to buy.

Example: “Oprah Winfrey”

9.5M audience!

Known for TV, weight watchers etc.

She’s known for so many things – that wouldn’t be worth targeting.

Whereas health and wellness – cut down to 4.4M people.

Oprah plus health and wellness

Oprah AND weight loss – 2.9M people

This is more targeted.

Most important thing: know your customer!

Demographics  – age, gender, geography

Interests – what books do they read, what products do they buy?

Is custom audience the best?

If you have a custom audience they are highly recommended.

However, Rory wants to tap into cold traffic and be able to get new customers.

Different types of audience for Paid Traffic

Cold traffic – interest based

Lookalike audiences

Retargeting – custom audiences

Detailed targeting

Detailed targeting

You’re targeted people who are interested in a certain thing

Eg interested in Michael Jackson

There are other forms of targeting:

  • Income
  • Parental eg expecting, newborn, toddler
  • Relationship status
  • Job title
  • Employers etc.

These are typically smaller audiences

This is voluntarily added to FaceBook – these tend to be very small audiences.
They can be lucrative but they are limited in size.

Behavioral targeting in Facebook Ad Manager

You can also go after certain behaviours –

So it’s like

Creatives for Facebook Ads

Image for product

  • Probably show the product!
  • If it’s an essential oil related to promoting calm
    • Maybe a woman doing Yoga or meditation

Ad elements

  • Headline
  • Description under headline
    • “Click here to …” give them a CTA – tell them what to do!


Best way to learn how to write ads – go to news outlets.

FaceBook ads are built off how news publishers post articles

  • Newsweek
  • Time magazine
  • Daily News UK

The headline is a teaser –

“How to have a more restful night’s sleep” for a cold audience

Retargeting ad – “50% off our lavender blend when you”

Copy that goes above the image is the “primary text”

This is a social media platform –

  • Conversational
  • Written as if you’ve found something you like
  • Scientific conversation

Rory gives help and free information:


Rory does run ads and offer consulting and coaching.

Final thoughts

Don’t get overwhelmed

Get in there and start playing around

Set an initial goal to get data.

  • Are the signing up as a lead?
  • Are they adding to cart?

Ask leaders questions – there are a lot of people who will jump in and try to impress you with bad information!

Rory gives help and free information:


Rory does run ads and offer consulting and coaching.

Get in touch at rory@rfsdigitalmedia.com

About Rory Stern (RFS Digital Media)

“We Deliver the results you hoped your last agency would”

Rory F. Stern of RFS Media has been a best-kept secret working behind the scenes to help build, grow, and scale many successful online companies for the last 14 years.  Today, he manages a small boutique media buying team that specializes in multi-channel traffic.  He is best known for creating ads that convert and being able to get a lot of policy challenged offers approved and running on Facebook.

Core business is growing a business with paid traffic.

For other podcasts on the topic of paid Traffic, see:

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Watch my full interview with Rory Stern

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