One-to-One Face-to-Face Consultation

This Service is for:

  • People with active Amazon businesses who need help with specific issues.
  • People with eCommerce or other physical products businesses who want to add an Amazon component and need to remove roadblocks
  • People who are just starting their Amazon business and don't yet have product selling and need helping getting launched fast and in the right way.
  • People who are able and willing to travel to meet in Hampstead, North London

What I can help you with...

  • NICHE RESEARCH: a structured process for finding profitable market niches.
  • Confused? Overwhelmed? We can get your clarity and cut to the important few.  
  • Worried whether your product choice is good? Get Confident on your choices. 
  • SOURCE: finding the right Supplier (in UK or China)
  • Dealing with product quality issues so you guarantee high quality products
  • Dealing with importing & paperwork for stress-free importing
  • LAUNCH: How to get sales, get reviews and TAKE OFF fast!
  • Keyword research & attracting shoppers
  • Creating Listings that CONVERT shoppers to sales
  • Getting Ranked for particular keywords - FAST
  • Getting reviews safely

This Service is NOT for:

  • People who cannot travel to North London to meet
  • People who need online 1-1 work (explore online mentoring HERE)
  • People who "Commit" to doing something...then cancel last minute... (a booking is a FIRM commitment and you will be  charged at the time of booking)

How it works...

1. Enter your Full name and REAL email address below. 

2. Wait for the next page to load fully.

3. Choose 90-minute consultation (£147, charged at the point of sale) or Full Day Consultation (I'll contact you for a 20 minute talk after you've booked)

For the 90-minute consultation, here's what happens next:

4. Click the blue "Book Now" button to the right of this.

5. Confirm your timezone.

6. Pick your time slot/date (this system is synchronised with my personal Calendar)

7. You will then confirm your booking 

8. a. For the 90-minute consultation,  you will then pay for your session (£147 for 90 minutes)*

b. For the whole day consultation, I'll be in touch to have 20 minute talk to make sure it's a good fit; and assuming it is, what we will focus on to help you best. 

9. For either service, you'll then receive SMS and email reminders of our meeting.

I look forward to meeting you in person & solving your roadblocks!

*Please note: If you cancel our meeting fewer than 24 hours before the appointment, you'll only get a 50% refund. Please be sure you are serious when you book our appointment.

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