Email Marketing for Amazon Funnels with Rob Patterson of AWeber
Email Marketing for Amazon Funnels with Rob Patterson of AWeber

Rob Patterson is CMO of AWeber. AWeber is a company focussed on making email marketing powerfully simple for small business owners so they can grow their business quickly.

Email marketing has had a rather dowdy image for the last decade. As it started off in the ‘90s, it’s often seen as dated and belonging to the past. Spam also impacted its reputation back in the early 2000s. So is it all about social media? Is email just dead and outdated?

The truth is the opposite. Email is a vital and powerful way to connect with people. It is also a very personal way of reaching out to your target customers, which is why email marketing is still relevant in E-commerce. In raw financial terms, the return on investment of email marketing is way more effective than pretty much any other marketing channel. 

Rob Patterson, CMO of AWeber, smashes a few myths and shares useful email marketing tips and tricks to help small businesses grow quickly.

You’ll Learn About:

  • Why Email Marketing is essential
  • Who is this for
  • How Email Marketing works
  • Why Email Marketing is still relevant
  • How Email Marketing 
  • Why people think Email Marketing is dead
  • How Email Marketing fits Amazon
  • How to grow your list
  • How to segment your list
  • The simplest funnel you can build to create new signups
  • Getting people to your list
  • Engagement through lead magnets and landing pages

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