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January 21, 2020

Email marketing and Amazon DPS with Brad Moss of Product Labs

Email marketing and Amazon DPS is an advanced marketing platform that is new to sellers. You can learn more in today’s episode with Brad Moss.

Brad Moss

CEO OF Product Labs, one of the largest Amazon consulting and technology companies in the world.

Former Business Lead of Amazon Seller Central Platform and the creator of the Amazon Seller App.

What Product labs do for sellers

Amazon brand management – full service.

Full amazon marketing. Innovative email technology (off and on Amazon)

Strategy and analytics – 12-month planning.

Support 7, 8 and 9-figure businesses. ($100 million a year)

Email marketing 

It’s been around for a very long time. It can be effective.

It’s hit a point where it’s not nearly as sexy as PPC etc.

But Brad has developed a new system.

What are the most important Email marketing principles

Email campaigns – find people who are interested in topics.

They either opt-in or opt-out of emails.

Content about say, picture frames.

Classic mistakes in email marketing

Many people don’t do it, because It’s hard:

You’ve got to do a lot of work and you have to work hard to keep the email lists up.

Whereas the system means you don’t have to worry about that.

Brad has a super innovative platform

It keeps an audience populated eg “if you’re selling pencils, here’s the best writing position”


  • High open rates
  • High click-through rates
  • Targeted

They have 3 tiers, 1000, 2500, 5000 sessions

How many sessions do you want?

Can drive to Amazon, Shopify, etc.

System drops in people who have high purchase intent or high interest in your products.

The clients don’t have to do anything!


How would we recreate this ourselves?

Keep finding people who are interested in the category

Generally, they guarantee to say, 5000 clicks in a month or 2500 etc.

They reverse engineer -maybe need 100,000 people to send it to.

Can we have an example?

Some people selling CBD – (Cannabis oil) – needed traffic to their website.

Wanted 1000 new people hitting site every month.

Email campaign for say $1000

Recorded traffic – got 1000 hits a month of fresh people.

If people drop out of the email sequences, they refresh them.

Open rates – good – but that doesn’t matter so much.

It’s pinned on

If it’s 3% CVR, that’s 30 new people.

Advanced DSP – Demand Side Platform

  • Arrangement with Amazon

What is DSP?

  • This is an advanced marketing platform that is new to sellers
    • You have to do the creatives
    • It shows up off amazon and on amazon
    • On the 3rd party side,  they’ve emphasised the pay per click side.
    • You Can’t do it on your own – you’d need to do it via an agency

DSP is spotted in Amazon that you can’t access via Sponsored ads.

There are video ads on Fire TVs – you can actually access those.

For years, Amazon has also been advertising on other websites for years, eg CNN even Market Watch, ESPN.

You set it up and Amazon will put ads on the other places.

It’s on a CPM (cost per mille ie 1000) so it’s about views not clicks

How does it fit into the Amazon advertising picture?

Marketing your brand instead of a particular keyword.

Generally, you’d think it’s about brand building – traditionally the number is 7 touchpoints before people buy.

That said, RoAS with DSP has often been as effective as PPC. Maybe because it’s really early.

It’s not just about presence, it can be about direct response.

Brad is developing metrics to analyse

Ads go onto Affiliate sites

  • CNN
  • Yahoo finance

Demographics targetting

Amazon tracks people via cookies trying to get them into amazon

Amazon lets you target different groups.

It also gives additional insight into WHO you’re targeting.

Eg: demographics, profile

But you don’t get great detail direct from Amazon.

Product labs DO go into the Customer more – calculate LTV

It’s a sensitive topic.

Amazon is launching DSP Lite for sellers. It’s very limited at the moment.

How do you get access to DSP?

It’s restricted to agencies by Amazon – particular agencies.

Can be done Europe and US

Typically need ad spend of $30K.

Opened up to 3rd party last year.

Brad has an arrangement for people in.

Need people to commit to a minimum $1500

Can sellers do this on their own or do they need to go via Brad?

New system you can do via Seller Central. But it’s very light.

The more data-rich version would be via Brad’s company.

How it works


Targeting keywords

Here’s the call to action

Make creatives

Other advanced marketing tactics

It’s an interesting time at Amazon. A lot of things people have relied on going away.

Review manipulation got taken away.

Brad focusses on metrics esp those traditional business ones

Marketing spend, RoAS – there may not be a lot of hacks. You may have to plan for the long term. This has been coming for 4-5 years.

That’s why the company is built around long-term approaches.

Where is Amazon marketing going in the next 2 years?

Amazon doesn’t care about your business; they care about consumers and their business.

If you’re looking for a macro trend it’s to get sellers to use ad platform because it makes a lot of money for Amazon.

There are a lot of indicators in Amazon.  Developing additional features for it – it means they are making good money.

The interview question was “if Amazon wants to be the most consumer-focused business in the world, should we even do advertising?”

Now they are in a different place.

Everyone like Google and Facebook has made so much money with their ads.  Amazon is seeing that and wanting to emulate it.

Brand Analytics is developing well. It will be a big ad game.

 E-commerce is still a young and developing game

E-commerce is still only 17% of retail.
It’s an exciting world of innovation.

It’s cool you can go online and find niche products as a consumer.

What Product labs does for sellers

  1. Consulting, High level strategic consulting – 12-month plan
  2. Agency – Operations team does it if they don’t have a team
    1. SEO
    2. Listing set up
    3. inventory projections and reporting
    4. Marketing teams to do paid ads in Amazon
      1. Promos on and off amazon
      2. Advanced marketing techniques
  3. Technology – SaaS –
    1. Helps the operations team
    2. Customer analytics
    3. Repeat purchase rates, lifetime value etc.

How do people learn more from you?

Have people get in touch via





Watch my full interview with Brad Moss

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