Ecommerce Business Processes with Dillon Carter of Vendrive CRM
Ecommerce Business Processes with Dillon Carter of Vendrive CRM

Ecommerce Business Processes

Dillon Carter has made good money building an Amazon wholesale business alongside finishing a college degree AND co-founding a SaaS company, !  He has done this thanks to the power of having clear and detailed  Processes in his eCommerce business.

Dillon and I discussed the power of processes, particularly as they relate to e-commerce and specifically, Amazon wholesale sourcing. The bad news is of course that some of us – myself included – are not naturals at creating and following business processes. The great news is – according to Dillon – is we can all get there – if we really want and need to!

You’ll Learn

  • The powerful insight you’ll get by having a process and documented stages to your processes in your eCommerce business processes
  • The power of identifying your biggest bottleneck in the business
  • Why “Working in your business” can be a valid thing to develop your business processes
  • Why everyone can build systems – and if you’re ambitious enough, why you’ll HAVE to get there!
  • How to start with your biggest pain – and turn it into a system so you can get it off your desk!
  • The importance of giving your staff ownership of a task or process once you hand it over
  • Why “it’s all in my head” can be the biggest bottleneck of all – even in substantial businesses!
  • The game that Dillon plays against himself to develop efficient processes
  • When NOT to hire a person to do a task

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