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November 5, 2019

E-commerce Translation with Jana Krekic

E-commerce translation has a lot of nitty-gritty. Today Jana talks about the different tools that can help you in this journey.

Keywords in image names

No confirmation about keywords in images – may or may not get indexed. It’s all about A-B testing. 

Images in Enhanced Brand Content – in the name of the image, you can put in a keyword for ranking. The algorithm scans through the whole of listing and file names get scanned. 

From followup emails, you don’t need to worry about keywords for E-commerce translation. 

Review from “painting marking”  – fix the colour of chair leg. 

You may look at reviews, you may update the listing. 

Responding to reviews, you SHOULD use keywords for E-commerce translation.

Helium 10 has a nice tool “review downloader” 


You don’t need to worry about keywords. 

The clients usually have very strict instructions about packaging. 

Messaging may be “jolly” or “strict/factual”. 

It does depend on the category of E-commerce translation. 

Some want some kind of word-play for E-commerce translation.

Integrating keywords with native speakers

Even people who grew up somewhere else and then moved – it may sound very weird otherwise. 

You need somebody who has a language background as well. 

To repeat long-tail keywords or not in listings?

German listing with a long-tail keyword – one word was same, next one was different. 

It was repeated about 30 times. The client asked, “why?”.

That is different from repeating the same keywords. You want to be indexed for as many keywords as possible. 

“Red mug” don’t repeat.

You can get indexed for 20-30 keywords per listing.  

Backend search terms

Don’t repeat any of the keywords at all. 

You can put together adjectives and related keywords eg: “running” with a travel mug. 

Then the product can show up in “frequently bought together”

Followup emails

In Germany – a lot of people experiment with informal vs. Formal emails. 

They split test what works best. 

In French, Spanish, Italian market, more casual works fine on E-commerce translation. 

If you’re selling some kind of playful product, you can put rhymes etc. in. 

The first name of the owner of the brand is nice. You obviously shouldn’t ask for reviews. 


Used to do Facebook ads – last one maybe mid-2018. There are certain rules

Short-form is very hard to express what the client wants. 

Especially in German and French. 

Ecommerce SEO translations 

Title of the product with keywords  

Easier to find good keywords  outside of Amazon 

It’s not so much a niche 



How clients use YLT?

A lot of people just sell on an e-commerce site

Also, do a lot of proofreading and correction. 

A lot of people want to check their site. 

A lot of clients use college students at $0.03 a word or Google translate. 

You can just split-test one of your pages

What’s the process for translating an e-commerce site?

Google SEO and Google ads.


Jana has chat – lots of people want to have real-time real person chat. 

Almost every person who goes on chat sent an email and they closed a deal. 

You could get someone for a $1 a minute! 

Tawk.to – even if they don’t have all the answers, send us an email and we’ll get back to you. 

Half a year ago, on contact form – link to calendly – a lot of people schedule a free call for 15 minutes. 

They want to hear more about you. 

That leads to closing the deal!

Human contact is something everyone is striving for in this era of chatbots.


Jana just decided to be the best at what they do. They translate – they don’t do PPC or product launch. 

They are considering copywriting as a new service. 

A lot of people who approached her in Prague liked the fact that they focus on translations. 

Not “just another Amazon agency” – a lot of people like the specialisation.

Deal for listeners

Deal – 20% discount – code Amazing20 – email or anywhere else in the system with code.



You can have someone live 24/7 on chat!

About Jana Krekic

YLT – Your Listing Translations


YLT does Listings, ads, packaging, review responses and Q & A. 

Also, do customer service – can send question from a customer in German – 

Don’t do customer support as such – just the translations. 

They have 7-9 figure sellers, about 800 listings a month – a lot of experience with adapting listings from say the USA to German and Japanese. 

Strategic use of keywords and localising the listing. 

Do translations from English to other languages and from German to other languages.  

They cover All European markets and Japan. 

There are a lot of good opportunities – you don’t need a specialised team. 

Not only native speakers but experts in Amazon keyword research.  

Jana’s background

Jana has a masters in translation. She worked in the biggest Danish e-commerce company for 8 years – they had 4 people to start with and became CEO of over 300 people!

She learned how to build e-commerce from scratch and how to sell on Amazon -had 100,000 products on Amazon. 

Jana then quit her job to start working with YLT translations. 


This page contains affiliate links. That means that Amazing FBA will receive compensation from the service or product seller (“The Merchant” if you click on the link and go on to buy that service or product.
We only promote those products or services that I have thoroughly vetted (in many cases, personally use) and truly feel deliver value to you. It will never cost you extra to go via our affiliate link as opposed to going direct. Indeed, we always try to get an extra deal or bonus for Amazing FBA listeners and readers.


Watch my full interview with Jana Krekic

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