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E-commerce Bookkeeping Mistakes with Nathan Hirsch of EcomBalance

There’s a saying “it’s not the things you don’t know that hurt you;  it’s the things you think you do know and are wrong!

Bookkeeping is one of the areas in which I see e-commerce sellers messing up the most in my client work. Many people simply ignore the numbers, which is a bit frightening. Other people, however, I think they’re doing things the right way but they are in fact not!  And that is possibly the most dangerous of all. Join Nathan Hirsch of ecombalance to find those errors and how to work with a book-keeper to correct them!

About Nathan

Nathan Hirsch is a lifelong entrepreneur and currently the CEO of EcomBalance and Outsource School. Nathan is best known for co-founding FreeUp.net in 2015 with an initial $5,000 investment, scaling it to $12 million in yearly revenue, and having it acquired in 2019. Today, he leads EcomBalance, an online bookkeeping service for eCommerce and digital businesses, and Outsource School, a membership teaching business owners how to hire effectively online. Nathan has appeared on 400+ podcasts, is a social media personality. Him and his wife live in Denver, Colorado with his two dogs where they are foster parents.

What You’ll Learn

  • Why there is no situation where you should do your own  books as an entrepreneur
  • Why doing your books yourself badly may cost you more than hiring a book keeper!
  • What tools to avoid in book-keeping
  • The only 2 recommended book-keeping software systems
  • Why cash basis accounting is a big error for ecommerce businesses
  • What the key document is that you and your book keeper need to understand
  • The  3 things you can’t avoid paying for when you start in business