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Digital Marketing Tips For Going International

Whether you’re just starting out in the world of digital marketing, looking to grow your overseas business by entering new markets, or you’re a marketing agency trying to maximise your client’s international investment, these tips will help you to achieve your international digital marketing goals. 

Content Is King

On the international market, content is king, just like at home. Just like your usual digital strategy, you should be analysing international nuances in the customer journey. Are you translating the fantastic blog articles and social media approach into new languages with help from marketing translation services? Are you transcribing your subtitling any video content you produce? 


Translate Keywords

Keywords are not going to be the same across all markets. Keywords are more than just words; they are also patterns of behaviour and user intent, so you need to understand the differences between search behaviourin different markets. To do this, you should work with a translation agency who has experience in your sector or in translating commercial language for a local region. 


Never Underestimate The Importance Of A Translator’s Market Knowledge

A translation of a marketing message is not the same thing as just translating the words from a piece of marketing without the sales context. Make sure that your translator has experience in search marketing, so they can appreciate consumer search behaviour.


Optimising Website Design

Cultural differences can be very complex across different countries means that your website design should also be varied across different cultures. It can be easy that think that small choices like symbols and colour connotations might not matter, but they can completely change the meaning of your website. Make sure that anything you use is appropriate for the market, so you don’t accidentally offend. 


Understand Geo-Targeting

Geo-targeting has become very important as Google continues to make small changes to the way it displays search results. The same standards apply internationally. There are few things that make as much of a difference in how much consumers trust you as geo-targeting. This can be just as important to your SEO link building strategy too. 


Consider Your Marketing Mix

When you enter a different market, you need a different marketing mix. The media consumption patterns of the consumer can be completely different in different locations. A lot of businesses that expand abroad neglect to properly identify all of the factors that could make their expansion either a success or a big mistake. 


Impatience And Laziness Are Universal

There are very marketing concepts that are international, but laziness and impatience are two things that transcend cultural barriers. This means that whatever market you’re expanding to, you need to make your website easy to use and make your buying journey as easy as possible, with minimal steps from interest to purchase. 


Cultural Relevance Is The Key To Building Trust

Being culturally relevant is important if you are going to get consumers to trust you. It becomes even more important in international markets where relationships are built through mutual understanding between your company and a naturally wary potential customer.