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Creating A More Memorable Experience For Shoppers

Today, the shopping experience is as important as the quality and price of products for many customers. If you’re looking to build a loyal client base and encourage shoppers to stick with you, it’s essential to provide a positive, memorable experience. If you’re looking to boost retention rates and entice new customers, here are some top tips.

Seamless shopping

Many of us enjoy browsing virtual aisles, but sometimes, online shopping can be stressful. If you’re having trouble getting pages or images to load, it’s taking an age to get to the payment page, or you have questions about specific items and you can’t find any answers, you may decide to cut your losses and look elsewhere. As a business owner, it’s vital to make sure that shopping is enjoyable and to provide a seamless service. It should take a matter of minutes to find a product, read about it, add it to your basket, enter delivery details and make a payment. Simplify processes, offer a range of payment options, ensure delivery charges are clearly visible and offer customers the chance to checkout as a guest. It’s also hugely beneficial to offer support. Live chat is an excellent addition to any website because it enables customers to get the information and answers they need instantly. You can also benefit from answering services to reduce the risk of losing sales outside of standard working hours. To learn more about live chat answering services, click here. It’s also useful to make product descriptions detailed and to include an FAQ section on your website.

Offering innovative, original features

There are millions of websites out there and every brand faces fierce competition. When a shopper lands on your site, you want to make sure that they enjoy visiting your website and encourage them to sign up for email updates, to contact you, to subscribe or to place an order. To make your website stand out and enhance your brand image, it’s a fantastic idea to add innovative, original features. Consider a store selling clothing, for example. Instead of posting images of individual pieces and providing a short description, give your customers more. Suggest other items that would go with the product they’re looking at and build an outfit, offer personalised recommendations based on previous orders, provide tips to find the right size and let buyers see what the clothes look like on real people. You could use images or video clips of models or even feature customers who have bought the product. It’s really useful to include information about the fit of the item and the size of the models so that your customers can get a better idea of how the product will work for them. For furniture and interior design brands, for example, you could add AR to create virtual design spaces and let customers see how pieces will look in their home.

It’s tough to stand out from the crowd in the world of business, and that is why it’s so important to focus on customer experience. Aim to offer something original and unique, make shopping enjoyable and stress-free and think carefully about what your ideal buyer is looking for and how they like to spend their time online. Adding personal touches, offering interactive support and taking the time to engage with customers can all help you to beat the competition and keep hold of loyal clients.