Chris’ Background

Chris spent the entire first ⅔ of his life in science and mathematics. He graduated with a degree in physics and immediately jumped into doing electrical design for commercial-scale solar projects. Then something clicked. He calls it an “early life crisis”. He wasn’t going to be satisfied popping in headphones and staring at a computer screen for 8 hours a day. It was time to learn business.

Luckily for Chris, his father was ⅔ owner of a company that was spinning out a new company at that exact moment in history. That company needed a leader. Chris effectively seized control of that new company, and the rest is history.

Well, kind of. Chris spent the next few years f*Ⓒ!n???? up constantly (his words, not mine). He was dead set on the idea that everything in business can be solved merely with numbers. It took him a great while to learn that, “You can go fast alone, but you can only go far together.” The numbers are important. The people are imperative. As Chris grew as a businessman, he built his company to just short of seven figures annually as well. Like so many other successful businesspeople I interview, failure–and how to deal with it productively–is a big part of Chris’ success.

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