Coran’s Background

Just over 3 years ago, Coran and his wife left Australia and their corporate jobs and began traveling. They had online businesses at the time and soon began buying and selling websites to fund their traveling. He liked the process of building a company to sell it rather than building for the income. He struggled to keep his attention on one thing.

For this interview Coran create a package of tools for Amazing FBA listeners at


71 – 7 Amazon Myths for Private Label Startups

Amazon is growing and dominates ecommerce; However, there are many PL sellers – it’s now competitive. To make sales and profits, you need to look HARD and move Fast and expect your products to have a shorter lifespan than previously.

77 – Selling an e-commerce business with Coran Woodmass – Part 1

Coran Woodmass discusses who to know if you can sell you Amazon Business and the number of products that you need to sell.

78 – Selling an ecommerce business with Coran Woodmass – Part 2

Coran Woodmass talks about the main things that you would need across all buyers and what kind of buyer you want when you start the business.

172  How to Sell You Amazon Business with Coran Woodmass Part 1 and 2

Amazon owns your listings which can make it a bit confusing. You can sell your Amazon business but it boils down to what type of FBA business you have.