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January 30, 2023

Community Building for Product Validation

Vance Lee is the founder of Playground Theory, a company specializing in community building for product validation. In this episode, Vance will discuss the importance of building a strong community for product validation and how to effectively engage with potential customers to gather valuable feedback and insights. He will share his expertise and experiences in creating successful communities and how it can help companies validate and improve their products.

Time Stamps

00:00 | Introduction
02:13 | Introduction to Product Validation
04:59 | Scaling Product Validation
07:41 | How do we even find people to even ask their opinion of
11:58 | How Do We Start That Conversation In a Way That’s Helpful?
14:25 | The Five Question Survey
18:27 | Mistakes To Avoid
22:33 | More About Playground Theory

Introduction to Product Validation for Amazon Sellers

  • Vance Lee of Playground Theory is an expert in pre-orders and crowdfunding
  • Discusses the importance of product validation for Amazon sellers
  • The process of validating a product involves figuring out if people want it and what they want/don’t want about it
  • Validation helps to ensure the product is successful and profitable before investing time and money

The Importance of Product Validation

  • Product validation is an important step before investing resources in a new/existing product
  • Without validation, companies may spend time and money on a product nobody wants
  • The traditional Amazon private label process involves looking at reviews, but it’s important to look at other options for validation
  • Validation ensures the product will be successful and profitable

Understanding Product Validation

  • The speaker discusses the concept of product validation and how it’s crucial before scaling a product
  • Defines validation as getting feedback from customers about the product and understanding their needs
  • Mentioned Andreessen’s idea of product-market fit as another important aspect of validation
  • By getting customer feedback, businesses can make sure the product has the desired features and is viable

The Process of Product Validation

  • Validation is the process of getting feedback from potential customers to make sure the product meets their needs
  • Involves talking to people and getting their opinions, as well as market research
  • Helps to create a defensible product that sets the business apart from competitors
  • Also involves talking to suppliers to see if the product is feasible and the necessary resources are available
  • Validation helps to create a unique product that fulfills its primary and secondary functions and desired price point.


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