Oddly enough, Christian wasn’t in finance, real estate or even academia. His background was in music. The classroom lifestyle wasn’t for him, so he took up DJing. His first real opportunity was with Positiva, a subsidiary of EMI records and one of the most successful dance labels in the UK and maybe even the world.

Christian took what he learned and uses his knowledge to help others. Have a listen to his podcast at Escape the Rat Race.

I have the tremendous opportunity to team up with Christian to host 2 workshops looking at business in the Amazon space an beyond. If you have any interest in Amazon or other unique opportunities, I encourage you to sign up now at amazingfba.com/taster.

234 Escape the Rat Race with Christian Rodwell Part 1 of 2

I’m delighted to welcome a guest from outside the Amazon bubble, Christian Rodwell from Escape the Rat Race. Escape the Rat Race is for people who have worked the same job for many, many years, and have finally asked themselves the question, “Is this really what I want to do for the next 5-10 years?”

235 Passive Income with Christian Rodwell Part 2 of 2

Christian has spent a lot of time dealing with confused and overwhelmed clients looking for direction. There’s no lack of information out there on the internet; you can find essentially anything on YouTube. The problem for most seems to be a lack of direction. That’s where Escape The Rat Race comes in to help you generate passive income.