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Private Label Launch – Private Label Strategy (step 7 of 10)

Make a Killer Listing

Revisit your Target Customer Avatar

Exactly who are you selling to?

As well as demographics (age, sex, location, income), try to define psychographics (values, drivers, etc.)

  • Precisely what Pain are you solving? Solving arthritis? Which kind? What location? Brought on by what activity? What is the “Ultimate Pain” you’re solving? Mobility? Thus freedom?

Revisit your Market Research

  • Keywords: Exactly which top 5 keywords are both winnable and worth winning (in terms of ranking ie where your listing appears in the search results)?
  • What are your 15-20 long-tail keywords? (lower search volume but very relevant – low-hanging fruit)
  • Differentiate: Exactly how is your product different from what is out there? Why is this important to your target customer? 

Craft your listing

  • Craft your words: Tone of voice matters. On Amazon, so does energy (especially in the USA). Give your listing punch and personality.

Fantastic Photos: Engage an exceptional product photographer.

  • Collect product images you like into a virtual scrapbook (Pinterest is excellent)
  • Make a clear brief for your photographer based on your other work above.
  • Include “lifestyle” shots (product in context) and use models if you can.


Plan Your Launch Like a Pro

Revisit your Target Keywords

  • Exactly which top 5 keywords are both winnable and worth winning (in terms of ranking ie where your listing appears in the search results)?
  • What are your 15-20 long-tail keywords? (lower search volume but very relevant – low-hanging fruit)

Plan your Traffic channels

Amazon Ads? (this is the mainstay)

Launch Services (JumpSend, Viral Launch)? Facebook Ads to Chatbot?

Plan your Budget

  • If you’re selling below breakeven, how much will each sale cost you?
  • Plan your ad costs – assuming that most of your sales will come via Amazon ads to start with.

Set up your Keyword tracking

  • Use software (like CashCowPro, Zonguru, etc.) to track your ranking for

all keywords you think might be important.


Set your price REALLY low

  • Know your numbers – what is your breakeven price without ads?
  • Set your price to breakeven to start (below breakeven if you can bear it!)
  • Gradually raise your price to when you start to achieve your target keyword rankings (see below)

Set your Amazon sponsored ads

  • Set an auto campaign with an aggressive bid per click (say $2-5) and strong daily budget (say $20-100/day)
  • Set up a manual campaign with your top 5 keywords and 20 long-tail keywords. If in doubt: exact match only.

Monitor but Don’t Mess

  • Monitor the numbers every couple of days (see next step)
  • RESIST THE URGE TO FIDDLE. You will want to mess with your settings daily. Listing words, price, ad spend, etc.. RESIST. Change something only once every 4 days maximum. That way, you will have meaningful data.

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How to choose products for amazon private label with Kevin King

Is Private Label still a viable business model in 2019?

It is still viable – if you can invent something, it does give you a major advantage.

PL still works but not in commodities.

And you need to differentiate. You can’t just put your logo on something from Alibaba.

Read the reviews and you’ll have to work with the manufacturer to fix that

You can differentiate with packaging, bundling, etc.

You have to put up a bit of a moat.

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313 Amazon Private Label Launch – Classic Mistakes

This episode is for anyone getting ready for their Amazon Launch or who has recently launched a Private Label (or custom) product on Amazon, and it covers the common errors people make in 3 areas that are vital for launch: Keyword Ranking; Getting Clicks; Getting Conversions.

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306 Private Label Launch with Sean Elias of Helium10 Part 2

In this part of the conversation with Sean Elias of Helium10, we discuss more of the tools offered by Helium10, and important steps in the private label launch process. To hear part 1 of this interview, please to

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265 Joe Jaques’s Story of Building a Brand Part 1 of 2

Joe Jaques’s story of building a brand

It’s a family business that buys products from China. Joe started working there from age 21.

He took over running the business and building a brand from his father aged around 25.

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252 The first 18 months of selling on Amazon with Ashley Pearce Part 1 of 2

I’m delighted today to welcome 10k Collective member Ashley Pearce. Ashley is one of the most active members of the 10k Collective mastermind, and he’s here to talk about selling on Amazon; specifically, the first 18 months.  He’s not a billionaire Amazon seller or revolutionary startup software company CEO. Ashley is merely a guy who heard about the Fulfilment by Amazon program on the Entrepreneur on Fire Podcast, cobbled together about £8,000, and jumped into selling on Amazon.

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249 Chinese Sellers on Amazon – How to Beat Them! with Chris Rawlings of Judolaunch

If you missed parts one & two of my conversation with Chris, make sure you check them out here. If you’re all caught up, let’s jump right in. As you know, Chris is the founder and CEO of Judolaunch–a product launching service designed to help sellers infiltrate the international markets. Chris has already given us so much valuable information about starting an Amazon business and going international; today it’s all about how to compete with Chinese sellers on Amazon.

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248 Product Launch – How to Launch a Product on Amazon with Chris Rawlings of Judolaunch

Welcome back to Amazing FBA. I’ve got part two of my interview with Chris Rawlings of Judoluanch, and today we’re talking about product launch on Amazon.  If you missed part one of our conversation, you can find it here.

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