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June 20, 2023

Building a Sellable Brand on Amazon with Ben Leonard

Welcome to “Mastering Amazon Brand Building: Building a Sellable Brand with Expert Tips.” In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the strategies and techniques that will help e-commerce brand owners scale their brands on Amazon with minimal capital. Whether you are just starting out or looking to take your existing brand to new heights, this guide will provide you with valuable insights and actionable steps to master the art of Amazon brand building.

00:00:00: Introduction to the Podcast Episode and the Importance of Picking a Lane and Building a Brand around Something Passionate
00:01:33: Introduction to the Challenges of Building an Online Business, Specifically on Amazon
00:03:05: Fear of Failure and Judgment as a Barrier to Taking Action towards Building an Ecommerce Business
00:03:54: Society’s Norms and Expectations as a Barrier to Entrepreneurship
00:04:39: Importance of Taking Action and Giving Oneself Permission to Pursue Entrepreneurship
00:05:12: Discussion of the Challenges of Running an Ecommerce Business Day-to-Day
00:06:30: Importance of Taking Control of One’s Own Destiny and Giving Full Commitment to Entrepreneurship
00:07:12: Challenges of Getting Started and Running an Ecommerce Business, Including Overwhelming Amounts of Information and Decision Fatigue
00:08:51: Loneliness, Pressure, and Imposter Syndrome as Additional Challenges of Running an Ecommerce Business
00:09:14: The Playing Field Is Level for Anyone to Become an Ecommerce Entrepreneur, and the Importance of Seeking out Other People and Building Relationships
00:10:45: Importance of Attending Real Events and Conferences to Network and Form a Community of Like-Minded People, Which Can Help Overcome Imposter Syndrome and Loneliness
00:13:01: The Importance of Good Stress (You Stress) in Entrepreneurship and How Having a Supportive Network and Resources Can Help Channel Pressure into Productivity
00:13:51: The Importance of Forming Connections and Overcoming Imposter Syndrome by Realizing That Others Experience Similar Challenges; the Significance of Giving Oneself Permission to Pursue Entrepreneurship; the Importance of Aligning One’s Business with One’s Passions
00:17:44: The Importance of Being Passionate about the Business You Build; Advice for Those Who Are Not Passionate about Their Business; the Importance of Not Shutting Down a Profitable Business but Finding Ways to Make It Make More Sense
00:20:19: People Allowing Their Business to Die Because They Kind of Want Out; the Importance of Growing a Business to Make It Sellable; the Amazon Profit Quiz for Identifying Profit Killers in Private Label Amazon Businesses
00:22:10: Introduction to Ben Leonard’s Consulting Services, Including Consultations for Private Equity Backed Portfolios of Brands and Ecommerce Business Owners
00:23:22: Information on How to Get in Touch with Ben Leonard, Including His Website and Email
00:25:12: Information on the Amazon Profit Quiz and Closing Remarks

What is a brand? At its core, a brand represents a group of products that solves specific problems for a specific group of people. In this episode, we will explore the importance of building a brand on Amazon and how it can transform your business.

Understanding Your Target Audience

To build a successful brand, it is essential to understand your target audience. Amazon provides powerful tools like brand registry, brand analytics, and brand pages that can help you gain valuable insights into your customers. By leveraging these tools, you can identify the preferences and behaviors of your target audience, allowing you to create targeted marketing strategies.

Transitioning from Selling Stuff to Building a Brand

Transitioning from simply selling products on Amazon to building a brand requires a shift in mindset. Without a strong brand identity, you may find yourself constantly chasing the next sale. We will explore the importance of creating anticipation, building trust, and establishing a connection with your customers. By providing helpful and compelling information, you can nurture a loyal customer base that eagerly awaits your products.

Creating Anticipation and Connecting with Consumers

Building anticipation is a powerful tool in brand building. By creating a sense of excitement and exclusivity, you can cultivate a devoted following. We will discuss strategies for generating anticipation, such as connecting with consumers outside of Amazon, optimizing packaging to build brand connections, and leveraging social media to engage with your audience. These efforts will position your brand as a trusted and legitimate entity beyond the Amazon ecosystem.

Building a Brand You Care About

To build a successful brand, it is essential to have genuine passion and understanding for your niche. We will explore the importance of building an avatar around your target audience and who they aspire to be. Additionally, we will discuss the significance of aligning your brand with your own passion and partnering with individuals who possess expertise in your niche. Building a brand should not be treated as a mere hustle; it requires a commitment and genuine care for the products and customers you serve.

Embracing Competition and Patience

Competition is inevitable in the e-commerce landscape, but it does not have to be a barrier to success. We will discuss the concept of “speed boat marketing,” where you adapt quickly and navigate the market efficiently. Rather than trying to dominate a niche, we will explore the importance of capturing enough market share to sustain your brand’s growth. Patience is key, as building a successful brand takes time and persistence.


Building a sellable brand on Amazon requires a strategic approach, a deep understanding of your target audience, and a commitment to excellence. By implementing the expert tips and strategies outlined in this guide, you can position your brand for success in the competitive e-commerce landscape. Remember, Amazon brand building is an ongoing process that requires constant evaluation, adaptation, and nurturing. Visit benleonard.pro/tips for more insights and subscribe to Ben Leonard’s YouTube channel at benleonardpro for valuable content on building a thriving brand on Amazon.


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