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April 27, 2022

Building A Buzz Around Your Ecommerce Products

The British market is one of the most innovative and active ecommerce markets in Europe. Indeed, UK customers are confident digital users. They tend to perform most purchases through mobile devices, typically using apps. 


Unfortunately, the pandemic is changing the rules for many small ecommerce businesses. With a growth of 43% in ecommerce launch in 2020, it’s essential for new online retailers to tap into the most innovative and effective strategies and stand out from the crowd. Here are 4 trending ecommerce marketing approaches that have been proven to be highly popular in the British market. 


Influencer marketing

When done right, influencer marketing can drive high ROI. Check our previous guide on the top 5 influencer marketing mistakes to avoid. The influencer marketing sector is expected to reach £12.6 billion in 2022, a testimony to its exponential growth, moving from £3.5 billion in 2018. As 6 in 10 UK Millennials buy items recommended by an influencer, it makes sense for ecommerce businesses to maintain their investments and select the best-suited influencer(s) for their brands. 


Maximising crowd promotion

Customer feedback is valuable. However, collecting feedback and reviews can be time-consuming. More and more customers are suspicious of positive reviews and believe them to be fake or bought. Therefore, it can be helpful for ecommerce businesses to look for feedback that will look and feel natural, such as creating authentic word-of-mouth via real customers for a social boom effect. Influencers can also be part of the campaign, but at the heart of a boom effect on social media, authenticity and social proof drive the conversation to promote ecommerce products. Unlike online reviews that can lack personality, this approach is engaging and more natural. 


Social media brand ambassadors

More and more businesses reach out to social media users to discuss brand ambassador programmes. A brand ambassador is a satisfied customer who shares their connection to the brand as part of their posts. In a successful programme, the ambassador is not necessarily paid for their content. They, however, can benefit from discounts when passing an order. 

Unlike an influencer, the ambassador may not have an interest in building a large follower base. On the contrary, ambassadors’ activities contribute to creating a social media buzz in specific audience groups. Users who share the same demographic or interest groups as ambassadors are more likely to come across sponsored posts. Additionally, ambassadors tend to work long-term, making them more relatable to customers. 


App notifications

Brands can use notifications to create conversations and engagement with their audience groups. While notifications can be set to share order confirmation and tracking data, they can also drive customer engagement through:

    • New collection information
    • Discounts and special offers for app users and VIP customers
    • Sales countdown
    • Announcements about future projects
    • Personalised communication such as birthday wishes, etc. 
    • Sharing new content, including blog articles, online magazines, new social media campaigns, vlog videos, etc. 
    • Competitions announcements for customers

Promoting digital engagement can not only help drive brand awareness but also convey the brand’s values further. 

In order to face the challenges brought by the exponential ecommerce growth in the UK, small businesses need to get creative and outwit their larger competitors. From micro-influencer partnerships to app notifications, they can drive high engagement and a buzz effect even on a tight budget. 

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