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Build to Sell Amazon Business with Dave Storey

Building an Amazon Business to Sell

Build to sell – these days, the entrepreneurs with bigger vision often want to build an Amazon business to sell rather than just for cashflow is an aim many entrepreneurs have when starting.

To be fair, you have to be very clear on your reason to sell. 
Some people enjoy the day-to-day running of the business. Others want to own the cashflow  for the long term. It’s not always right for everyone. EIther way, though, the process of preparing your business so you could sell it always makes it a much stronger business.

Dave and his partner wanted to build a bigger business and operate in a better niche. But they made some classic mistakes. Although he rescued a 7-figure sale of the business,  Dave and his partner lost about £2 million off the value of his business. Now Dave passes on the painful lessons to other Amazon business owners so they can avoid the same pain!

Today’s Guest – Dave Storey

Dave is an active Amazon seller, the recent seller of his own Amazon business for over 7 figures and creator of a course how to build your Amazon business to sell.

Resources for Building to Sell


  • “Build to Sell” Cheatsheet and access to Dave’s FaceBook group

You’ll learn

  • The classic business valuation mistake Dave and partner originally made
  • Why increasing your “Multiple” it is so critical to selling your business for more
  • How to increase the Multiple!
  • The critical importance of focus
  • How to programme your mind for focus – automatically!
  • Setting a value and timeframe goal for your future business sale

Free Resource from today:

Cheatsheet and FaceBook group

The 6 things you must to get top dollar for your Amazon business

Made with input from Website Closers, Digital Business Brokers

Objectives for course
1. Understanding of how business is valued (financial modelling)
2. Overall proven planning method for a full exit plan – not just finances

“Amazon FBA Build to Sell”
– 50% off course. Full price $997. 50% off is $497
– 1-1 training is included also