Brad Moss got his Masters in business. He did some entrepreneurial things, launched some companies which won a few awards for some of them. He was successful in small realms and wanted to see if he could have an impact in a bigger realm, like Amazon. When he first went there he built something that no one has probably heard of because it didn’t launch. It’s called Gamification for Sellers. It was a really cool system that was held up because middle management was fighting over some resources Brad had. It would have made selling more fun and would have been able to track yourself.


140 Brad Moss’s Lessons from Running Amazon Seller Central – Part 1 of 4

Brad Moss was the Business Head of Amazon Seller Central itself. Which we all are at the mercy of. He built the Amazon Seller Central mobile app.

141 Brad Moss’s Amazon Video Service – Part 2 of 4

Brad Moss used to run Amazon Seller Central. Now he owns his own consulting firm, Product Labs, and is launching a new video service, AMZ Product Video.

142 Amazon Launch Strategy for 2017 from Brad Moss of Product Labs – Part 3 of 4

One of the strategies they use is not to think of a product or product sales life cycle one dimensional. You have to think of an Amazon launch in phases.

143 Selling on Amazon 2017 by Brad Moss of Product Labs – Part 4 of 4

Selling on Amazon 2017 will continue to move towards private label and branding. Amazon has made big pushes towards brand control and protection.

Ecommerce growth strategy with Brad Moss of Product Labs

Ecommerce growth strategy sounds too abstract to get round to. In fact it’s often the critical differentiator as Amazon hacks lose effect.

Amazon metrics that matter with Brad Moss of Product Labs

Amazon metrics are a hotly debated topic. Sellers obsess over a range of KPIs. But which are core metrics and which are a distraction or less important?

Email marketing and Amazon DPS with Brad Moss of Product Labs

Email marketing and Amazon DPS is an advanced marketing platform that is new to sellers. You can learn more in today’s episode with Brad Moss.