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Adam Hudson

How Adam Hudson REALLY got to $1 million a year in Amazon sales - Free course on how you can duplicate his success.

Sounds like the usual Amazon FBA claim?  Well, this is different. Why? The "Reliable" strategy. Adam Hudson is a friendly but brutally honest Australian. He's outlawed Bullshit in his businesses. He gives the TRUTH of what works and what DOESN'T in Amazon.

  • FIND OUT  how Adam ACTUALLY built a business to $1 million/year

  • SAVE YOURSELF FROM BS -  what it's like to be in the Amazon business

  • LEARN WHY it's still a great opportunity -even in 2017

Start/Stop/Keep List – How to make New Year Resolutions for Entrepreneurs

January is the start of a calendar year. As such, it’s a traditional time for new year’s resolutions. But it’s also a lower-energy time of the year. As such, it’s a natural place to pause and reflect before moving on to the next round of activity.

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The Details Tradies Always Forget About

Trade work has never been so popular as it is now. More and more young people are entering into the different trades that there are available, and it’s becoming a very lucrative career idea. The majority of the people entering into trade work and boys and young men. It’s so attractive to go and work on site and get paid a quick weekly wage, rather than having to go through the process of interviews and learning a new role. Often, it begins with simple labouring, until the trade is learnt and then they’re free to do it on their own. So how did you get into the trade work that you’re doing at the minute? Did you go to college and study a course related to it first, or did you walk onto a site, ask for a job, and find yourself starting the next day? Whatever it was, you need to make sure you’re doing the job properly. Construction is an industry that’s notorious for going wrong, It’s often because simple details are missed in the rush of trying to complete a job. So, if you keep on reading, we’ll show you some of the details that tradies always seem to forget about, and how remembering them can improve your custom. 

Covering Your Own Back 

This is so important with the work that you’re doing. Every single business should have insurance, but the insurance you need will differ far from the insurance an office based business needs. Not only do you need to try and secure insurance to the tools you’re using, because theft has never been higher than it is now, but you also need insurance for the work that you’re doing. It’s so important for your and your customers. For you it’s a big safety net if anything goes wrong. Anything that goes wrong on a building site can have massive implications with cost, and the outcome of the project. If you click here, you’ll find out more about the type of insurance that will suit the work that you’re doing. 

Perfection Is Forgotten

If there’s one thing that can be said about a construction site, it’s that perfection is nearly always forgotten. The rush to try and stick to a timescale means that often corners are cut to try and fit in with it, as well as keep the budget low. All that you earn, and the company you work for earns, comes from the work that you do and how quickly that you do it. But the rush leads to mistakes that ultimately cost time and money, all of which could be avoided if you just take a little time to begin with! 

Your Own Personal Accounts 

Moving away from issues that would affect customers, your own personal accounts are so important. You will have to sort your own taxes and claims, and you always need to do it correctly. It’s a common mistake for young lads to join the construction industry, without realising they need to save receipts for tools and clothes and anything that aids their work, so they can get a tax return. Our best advice is to always get an accountant to manage it for you, rather than trying to do it yourself, just so that nothing is missed. 

Tips for Budding Amazon Entrepreneurs

You know what your business is, you know what you want to sell, and you know your niche and the target market. You have been thinking about it and know that Amazon is the medium to create your online presence. Yet, you’re wondering how to get started. Selling on Amazon is a no-brainer for internet entrepreneurs. Amazon is a huge company and has some fantastic statistics to admire. In 2016, for example, Amazon sold over two billion third party products. At the beginning of 2019, 53% of all items sold on Amazon were from third parties. If you are willing and able to put the work in, you could potentially make hundreds of thousands of pounds on Amazon. But how to do it. Here are some tips on setting up an Amazon business account.

Optimize the product details 

If there were no product details, customers would have to search through millions upon millions of products online to find the specific item they are looking for. But this is not the case, they type in precisely what they want and up pops Amazons answer, based on what the retailer has told them. Ensure that the product information is accurate, so when a customer searches the item, your product shows in the results. Things included here are:

  • Product title
  • Descriptions
  • Size 
  • Colour, etc.

This needs to be thorough, as every keyword will help the Amazon search engine to find you. If you are struggling with this, there is some scope to use a product information management, which can help you with the product descriptions.


Your prices need to be competitive. This is nothing but obvious. People use Amazon because they are looking for the lowest price. Amazon is often cheaper than the shops. So, do some market research and find out the going asking price. There is also the option to use the Match Low Price Feature that Amazon offers.  


This is so important. Use high-quality resolutions and take lots of them from different angles. The customer wants to imagine how it will look, so give them the best possible impression. Make sure the product stands out against the background, too, like against a beige wall and table. Anything too jazzy will distract attention away from the product.


Improve all the time

Don’t stay static. You need to keep an eye on the business all the time. If you want it to go, you are going to have to bring employees into the fold as things may become difficult on your own. Look at what sells and what doesn’t. Analyze the differences. It could be a problem with pictures. Learn and experiment and be open to change. Take heed from bad reviews and use it to move forward with more information.


Get the best staff and products

If you want good reviews, you have to have good products. These need to be sourced or manufactured to quality speculations. If you invest in some STL training for your staff, then you will be sure that your customers will be happy.

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