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What is the need of pre shipment inspection? (Q & A Tuesday)
What is the need of pre shipment inspection? Question from a Facebook Group member: Hello! I would really appreciate some[...]
Can you still Make money on Amazon in 2019? With Kevin King
Kevin King - is a 7-figure Amazon seller Hosts $5000 events - $1 billion summit in Austin, Texas Not part[...]
#332: Amazon Product Research: The Open Secret
Product research not equal market research Being product centred and focussed on numbers - using tools like Jungle Scout, Helium[...]
#331 Amazon Business Marketplace is Growing and 50% of the Planet is Now Online (Amazon News)
Amazon News Amazon Business The Amazon Business marketplace is growing! Amazon announced a major milestone this week. 3rd party seller[...]
#330 “What 10 learnings have you had about the 7 Habits since the book’s release”?
1. The importance of understanding the difference between principles and values.    Principles are natural laws that are external to[...]
#329 Building Relationships in e-Commerce (Based on “7 habits of Highly effective people”) Part TWO
THE EMOTIONAL BANK ACCOUNT “We all know what a financial bank account is. We make deposits into it and build[...]
#328 Building Relationships in e-Commerce (Based on “7 habits of Highly effective people”) Part ONE
“Before moving into the area of public victory, we should remember that effective interdependence can only be built on a[...]
#327 Amazon’s Deliveroo Investment & USA Monthly Storage fee discount (Amazon News)
Amazon's Deliveroo Investment Puts Amazon in Competition With Uber and Just Eat UK Amazon's Deliveroo investment, representing its latest push into[...]
326 Habit 3: First Things First – time management for ecommerce entrepreneurs (part 2)
Time Management for e-commerce is an absolutely critical skill area. Time management can be the single biggest block to even[...]
325 New Trade Tariffs imposed by USA on Chinese Imports
New Trade Tariffs from USA imposed on China [Trade War News] US Tariffs of 25% imposed on $234B worth of[...]
#324 Time Management for e-commerce (Habit 3 from “7 Habits” series)
Time Management for e-commerce - wisdom from Steven Covey  Habit 3:  First Things First Time Management for e-commerce is an[...]
323 Amazon News: Trump Tweets New Threat in US-China Trade War
Trump Tweets New threat in China-USA Trade war There has been a new twist in the ongoing US-China Trade War.[...]