Amazon Mentor

Post-Launch Check "BAGS"

Who is this for?

  • You've done your Market Research (Niche Market choice) & know what kind of keywords you're targetting (our "RAC" Market Research Sanity Check, may help you if you're unsure about that)
  • You found suppliers (manufacturers/factories),  got samples, got your product made - and shipped to Amazon. 
  • You've launched. You've got product live on Amazon. Maybe you've spent on Amazon ads; maybe used coupons; maybe even Facebook Ads - all in the aid of launching a high-sales, profitable product. But has it worked?

Why do this?

Product Research
  • You're asking Questions - like "Should I continue with this product?" You'll only get solid answers with insightful help.  
  • Save Yourself months of uncertainty - miss the vital numbers and you won't even know whether your product has any decent market share - or even whether it's profitable!
  • Advice from a Seasoned Amazon Seller and Coach... Between myself and my business partner, we have analysed probably over a hundred  sets of product numbers in detail. Plus helping clients make sense of numbers for over 3 1/2 years.  I've made the mistakes you don't have to. I've learned the lessons so you can just copy the techniques and save stress.  

You've spent £/$/€1000s on your product, $100s on launching...but you don't know if it's working...

Reactive Mindset

We've all been there. 

You went through all the doubt and all the boring grind of research, spreadsheet overload and discussion on Facebook Groups. 

Then of course, you've had the joy of going through Alibaba, emailing suppliers and a whole new head-spin handling multiple email or Skype or WeChat conversations  with multiple suppliers. 

You've even launched your product (probably another painful bout of podcast and Facebook overload!)

 And now - at last - your product is launched. 

You thought you finally done working.

Time to sit back and enjoy the profits....

But, if you're reading this, now I think you may have new questions...

"Why is my product not selling?"
"Is this a good ad spend?"

"Do I need to measure conversion rate?" 

You need to make decisions - but you have doubts: 

"Maybe I should leave this product."
"Am I even making a profit?"

"But then what if it COULD sell?"

After nearly 4 years of Amazon selling, 3 1/2 years of mentoring, 3 years of masterminds,

hear you!

Get Some Professional Input

Have some faith in your work so far (Self belief is critical for an entrepreneur, after all). 

But be humble enough to recognise that, first time out, you just might not have the whole picture yet. 

So then - just get some input from someone who's been there...many times before. 

Have enough faith not to give up without a fight...but have the humility to ask for help. 

Get an Amazing FBA "BAGS" Post-Launch Consult/Analysis. 

  • Business Reports
  • Amazon Ads
  • Gross Profit 
  • Selling/Stock

Business Reports:

  • Go over Seller Central data together
  • Get clear how well launch worked
  • ID Problems & opportunities

Amazon Ads:

  • Check the Dashboard overview
  • Auto campaigns overview
  • Manual campaigns

Gross Profit:

  • Review  gross profit (usually via tools like Cashcowpro etc.)
  • Analyse costs
  • Project profitability

Selling & Stock Management:

  • Adjustments to price, Listing optimization (based on data)
  • Traffic: ad spend & traffic strategy
  • Restocking decisions

How does it work?

Optional: Review of your Data ($125/£97 approx standard price)

      Available Separately - click here to email for details

  • Checklist 1 (General background: market research & sourcing review): You'll get a clear checklist to fill in  to give us data  of your process so far to gather and send over to us. While this is not a detailed review of your product research (for that you need the "RAC" Product Research Check), or your sourcing ( for that you'd need our "GEM" Sourcing Check),  we will include a quick overview of those areas as needed. 
  • Checklist 2 (The Numbers): you'll get a list of the details you should look at with  regard to your Numbers. This splits into 3 parts: 1. your critical marketing numbers; 2. Your Amazon Ads numbers; 3. Your (Gross) Profit and Loss by product line. 
  • Analysis: After we receive your completed checklists, we'll create a simple yet robust analysis for you. We'll summarise what is working - and what isn't. Even more importantly, we'll also give the reasons why things may be working (or not working). And most importantly of all, we'll give you guidance on the advisability of continuing to  or stopping selling a product line.  

90-minute "Analyse & Clarify" Video Call  

  • General Review: We'll go over the report together. We'll look at upsides and issues with your initial market research and your sourcing strategy that may be driving less than great results. 
  • check
    Dig for Data: We'll work together on Amazon Seller Central to pull out the essential numbers. We'll find 1. your critical marketing numbers; 2. Your Amazon Ads numbers. We'll also review your own spreadsheets or other record of your (Gross) Profit and Loss by product line.  
  • Analyse & Synthesise: We'll then clarify what the numbers mean to you,  and how they are producing results. We'll pull all the multiple separate bits of data into a simplified big picture for you. 
  • Make a recommendation: If I feel you need to do more work to really get a firm conclusion (sometimes the case), I'll be honest about that. But equally, I'll give you clear guidance on whether I can recommend you 1. scale up your product; 2. keep the product ticking or 3. liquidate or sell through the product.
  • Next steps plan: Finally, we'll break down for you exactly what next steps you need to implement. Whether that be adjusting your ad spend up or down; changing your price; or improving your email follow-ups to get reviews, we'll be clear, simple and specific.  

Special Offer -  for next 10 people

Making Promises
  • Get both the Written Analysis and initial Report PLUS the Video Call (including video recording and written notes)  for just $168 USD/£139  GBP
  • I'll also record our Zoom session (like Skype but better) and send you the video
  • I'll even take some notes and send you a written record of our conversation afterwards!

What to do next to book straight away...

To book in your session with me, just click on the button below, then choose the correct service below to choose one. 

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You just choose your slot, pay, and you're booked in! (Yes, we can handle Credit cards or Paypal. And yes, different currencies are not an issue either. If they are an issue, email support and we will make it happen!)

You'll then be sent emails to make sure we're ready to work together to get your work clarified. 


If you have any quick questions about how the service works, or any tech issues, please just email 

Please note: we won't be able to give you free  guidance on email about  your actual sourcing. This is purely about the service itself. I'm afraid our support staff are not trained in advising about Amazon or sourcing.