Augustas Kilgys, to help up with seller optimization. Augustas is from Lithuania and Germany which gives him a unique insight into selling. He is also running the Seller Optimization Summit.


Mindsets of European Amazon Sellers with Augustas Kligys

What does it take to scale European Amazon sellers? How does language play a part in expanding businesses in Europe? Find out in today’s podcast.

#86 The Amazon Reviewer’s Perspective With Augustas Kligys – Part 1

Augustas is originally from Lithuania and moved to Germany because that is where his wife is from. He has moved around a lot and is quite the digital nomad.

#87 The Amazon Reviewer’s Perspective With Augustas Kligys – Part 2

Treat your reviewers like your customers. Forget you are giving them something for free and treat them with respect. You will get more and better feedback from them.

163 Seller Optimization Summit With Augustas Kligys

There is going to be a lot of great speakers that will help you improve your own optimization. Many of the speakers you have already heard on this podcast.