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Ashlin Hadden

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174 Amazon Liability Insurance with Ashlin Hadden Part 1 of 2

The guest on the show today is Ashlin Hadden of Ashlin Hadden Insurance. She is here to talk about an area that nobody wants to think about but that is really important: insurance. Even more specifically, Ashlin specialises in Amazon liability insurance and has some great tips for Amazon sellers to help them in this area.

175 Amazon Account Suspension Insurance with Ashlin Hadden Part 2 of 2

Today’s show is part 2 of the interview with Ashlin Hadden of Ashlin Hadden Insurance. We discuss Amazon account suspension insurance. Insurance is an area that tends to strike fear or boredom into people’s hearts but Ashlin has a way of making it all very palatable. Which is good because you really need to know this stuff.