49 Amazon market research, credit & margins with Anthony Lee Part 1

Currently in the USA. Everyone expands their business in their own way. AL has decided to focus on building off Amazon rather than expand Amazon internationally.

50 Product Process, Suppliers, Freight and Amazon Future with Anthony Lee Part 2

Predictions are mostly wrong! But a focus of unique products is coming – we’re in the middle of a Kickstarter crowdfunding craze. SO AL assumes that Amazon will get a lot more of untested unproven concepts coming out. This might be the next generation of sales.

150 Optimising your Amazon Listing with Anthony Lee Part 1 of 3

Optimising your Amazon listing means setting up your listings to get the most sales. It’s important because you want to be in the best possible for success.

151 Amazon Product Launch with Anthony Lee Part 2 of 3

There are a few things to remember with an Amazon product launch. Today we have Anthony Lee to help you with your next product launch.

152 AMS – Amazon Marketing Services with Anthony Lee Part 3 of 3

AMS, Amazon Marketing Services, offers a more robust way of PPC. Today we have Anthony Lee to help us get started with Amazon Marketing Services.