Amazon Wholesale Sourcing with Dillon Carter of Vendrive CRM
Amazon Wholesale Sourcing with Dillon Carter of Vendrive CRM

Amazon Wholesale Sourcing

Dillon Carter has made good money building an Amazon wholesale sourcing business alongside just finishing his college degree. He managed to do that because Dillon identified the key bottleneck in his business: managing the relationships with wholesale suppliers in a scaleable way.

To deal with this, Dillon and his co-founder developed in-house CRM software, Vendrive,  which they have since made available to other Sellers on Amazon who source wholesale.

Today Dillon shares with us the basics of his take on the Amazon wholesale sourcing model.

You’ll Learn

  • What Amazon wholesale sourcing is and why it’s very worth doing, especially for those with less experience/less capital
  • what reverse sourcing is
  • The real block to getting this Amazon sourcing model working (hint: it’s not about selling!)
  • The one “human” way that wholesale sourcing differs from sourcing via Retail Arbitrage or Online Arbitrage (RA/OA)
  • The difference between a “value transaction” and a “human transaction” when you’re sourcing wholesale- and why you should be aiming to lose one of them!
  • The 3 key skillsets you need to use specifically for wholesale sourcing, to win the account
  • Why you should LOSE value…for free…to make money (confused? Listen to the episode!)
  • The CAC: LTV ratio – what it is, and how you can use it to think about your Amazon Wholesale business

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