Amazon Unit Economics with Sergey Faldin of Sellerscale - Amazing FBA - How to sell on Amazon UK
Amazon Unit Economics with Sergey Faldin of Sellerscale

Amazon Unit Economics

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You’ll Learn

  • Why “Unit economics” are critical
  • Why everyone looks at demand using tools but few dig into fees
  • How a client’s shoe sizes were causing them to lose money on storage!
  • A simple tool that helps model profitability for future products
  • The 5 critical numbers in Amazon Unit economics you must know
  • The FBA fees you have to account for
  • What the mindset benefit is that you get from seeing your numbers clearly
  • What a management accounting tool like Sellerscale won’t do for you.
  • Why Unit economic understanding is a competitive advantage
  • The costs that many sellers ignore (hint: regular payments!)
  • How to use a “cashflow calendar” to predict cashflow
  • Six critical numbers for stock management
  • Three ways to improve cashflow with your supplier

Trying out Sellerscale
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Today’s Guest

Sergey is CMO of Sellerscale, which is a management accounting platform that helps amazon sellers stay on top of their financials.