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May 28, 2020

Amazon Sponsored Brands overview with Ritu Java

Amazon Sponsored Brands overview

Amazon Sponsored Brands overview with Ritu Java of PPC Ninja

Click below to view a video presentation of this post:

Amazon Sponsored Brands video version

How time consuming are Amazon Sponsored Brand Ads?

It is time consuming!

Main not have such a quick ROI as sponsored product ads

Sponsored product ads has no creative so that makes it easier too

Use a lot of creative strategies to stretch the platform that’s available to us.

Sponsored brand ads allow you to capture more of the market.

Why Sponsored Brands exist officially

  • According to Amazon, it’s to “Help shoppers discover your brand and products”
  • So is it more about brand discovery than direct response?
  • “Engaging” – is it actually more engaging than a picture of a product on a shopping platform

Brand building on Amazon with Sponsored Brands

Can you really build a brand on Amazon?

Most sellers are focussed on RoAS (return on ad spend)

Most shoppers don’t focus on the brand

Amazon has trained people to look for deals

Brand loyalty is hard to build on Amazon platform.

How does the RoAS of Sponsored Brands compare with Sponsored products ads?

Depends on the type of ad.

  1. Product collection – most common

Headline search ad – shows up at top of Amazon SERPS

  • Could go to a product listing
  • Or to storefront
  • Or detailed page of specific products

New layouts coming up

  1. Video ad (Beta)

Getting a lot of traction – works well

Amazon has tested placing those differently – people are online more often in Coronavirus times – placing at top of page just below banner ad

Daunting to get videographer – think outside box –

Create a video with zoom and pan effects with still images. Just add some background music. Up to 45 seconds. It’s autoplay – audio off by default and plays in a loop.

Just needs to be in a certain format.

  1. Store Spotlight (Beta)

Only available on the Amazon Advertising Console

Amazon Advertising Console -previously AMS

Who has access already to AMS?

How do we get access to Amazon Advertising Console if we don’t already?

  1. Sponsored Display ad (beta)

Actually type of ad that used to live under sponsored brands.

It’s actually a “product display ad”

Again only available if you have access to Amazon Advertising Console.

You can place this on your competitor’s pages.

New Layouts

Favour the “brand feel “ – you’ll need lifestyle images

Amazon is really pushing storesfront

TIPS – How to Sponsored brand ads

Tip 1 Brand Match -on sponsored brand ads –  it’s not what you think

It’s not like broad, phrase, exact on sponsored product types

Broad matches might be very broad eg selling a garlic press might be Brought up by citrus juicer or apple slicer.

Download your search term report!

Sometimes it can be good for broader exposure

Is it worth absorbing costs of clicks that don’t make sales?

Broad match modifier- you can fix the presence of a word eg +garlic means only results including garlic will come back.

Tip 2 – Long Tail Keywords  are an under used type of Sponsored Brands ad

  • A lot of people bid on brand names
  • Most people use sponsored brand ads as top of funnel ads.
  • Instead, you can use them in middle or bottom of funnel. This gives you access to placements that are under-utilised.

Tip 3 – creative messaging with Amazon Sponsored Brands

– study your competition

Figure out which benefits your consumers care about

  • Benefit – how it will benefit them
  • Feature – what it can do or is?
  • Credibility – speed, quality, as seen on eg Shark Tank, Ellen
  • Urgency – better now than later, buy more than one etc.


For the video presentation by Ritu Java, click below:

Amazon Sponsored Brands

How do you accurately figure out your customer avatar?

How do you ACTUALLY know what they care about?

Sponsored Brands Example  – homemakers

Top of funnel ad – homemakers

avatar: homemaker

intent: window shopping

awareness: most unaware

Targets “kitchen”; “Kitchen tool”

Message: no more smelly hands

Sponsored brands example – product display ad [place on competitor’s page]

You can have a custom message

avatar: occasional chef

Intent window shopping

Everything else is pulled from the listing, you just decide messaging

For a downloadable checklist,  go to amazingfba.com/headlineads

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Watch my full interview with Ritu Java

[video_page_section type=”youtube” position=”bottom” image=”” btn=”light” heading=”” subheading=”” cta=”” video_width=”1080″ hide_related=”false” hide_logo=”false” hide_controls=”false” hide_title=”false” hide_fullscreen=”false”]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GKTCMebj5m4&feature=youtu.be[/video_page_section]

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