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June 10, 2020

Amazon Product Tracking with Rob of egrow.io

Amazon Product  Tracking

Egrow.io  is an Amazon research tool that makes it easy for sellers to identify and track new products, which is especially strong on Amazon product tracking.

Amazon Product Tracking as part of research

What’s your research process?

Product tracking is really important to refine the searches

Database Search

– Search in all departments
– Or Search by specific categories
– Often DOESN’T narrow to smaller categories

Setting the right product selection criteria

– maybe use 1-2 metrics then refine metrics
– Sales Price: $20-60 to start with
– Average reviews – average rating under 4 stars
– Estimated sales: at least 300 units/mo (10/day)
– Est rev – minimum $6000/mo est revenue

Amazon Product and ranking tracking
– Add weight restrictions – under 3 lbs weight, hard limit at 5 lbs
– BSR (bestseller rank) can be misleading because of variations between categories
– “Listing quality score” – 0 (poor) to 10 (excellent listing)

Amazon ProductTracking Can inform future product decisions

Take the list of products – maybe a few up to 10
– Add those to Amazon product tracker
– Instead, Rob gathers products into a tracker and use that as a filter
– BUT product tracking gives you a reality check
– Broad criteria give vast amounts of data
– At the beginning, this can be okay if you’re willing to gather a lot of data

Not only can you see how products perform over a longer period of time
You see trends and changes and how the product has performed in different situations

Amazon Product tracking – Why does product tracking matter?

– Put a lot of money into new product
– Flops and maybe out of business

Eg Coronavirus pandemic – huge spike in sales in at home exercise in late march/early April. Rob had seen some great metrics. After seeing it for 6 weeks, that was just a phase from people not going to the gym.
Same goes for seasonal
– Sales have fluctuated wildly in US Covid19 – at home gym workout equipment
– Now a month later, it’s evened out

Line up candidate type products

Track a product early!

– Track product for as long as possible
– As egrow users track a product, it’s tracked for everyone
– Rob prefers at 3 months’ daily data
– Maybe minimum 2 weeks’ data
– Comes to personal tolerance of risk

Product tracker in egrow.io

– Founded oct 2017 – some initial users have tracked products since then!
– Est sales
– Inventory
– Price
– There is no time-limit!
– If someone else has been tracking a product in egrow, you can look at the data as well.
– Several 1000 users across the world in 12 different markets

“Create a story” in your mind

What are the other tools you should use and how?You can refine DB research using the criteria you’ve identified.

Or you can use the “keyword and niche tool”
Using this tool you can find keywords that have a low competition but a sufficient sales volume – it will help you to rank your products faster, easier and cheaper. This is a fusion of traditional keyword generators and niche hunter tools.

Reverse ASIN

Can provide too much info!
Once you’ve identified a product with potential, do a reverse ASIN,- lots of keywords

Also get data for keyword – search volume, poss app, revenue
This is a snapshot in time.

See what products are associated with that and add them to the KEYWORD rank tracker
– You can create a “project” in this by seed keyword
– Upload associated keywords
– See how that product is performing

Amazon Emerging Markets

– Big research tools don’t work in Australia and UAE
– There is good money to be made!
– Not a lot of big sellers and brands in UAE
– In a lot of categories you have sellers rank #1,2, 3

Rob’s background

– Did some ecomm with a biz partner
– Primarily ebay
– Using drop shipping
– Early 2020 moved into selling on Amazon FBM
– Now moving over into FBA

Egrow background? set up by Germans

To use egrow with a 50% discount:


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Watch Amazon Product Tracking with Rob of Egrow.io

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