Amazon Product Choices


Amazon Product choices are crucial.

Make the right choice, and a lot of what follows flows easily.

Make the wrong choice, and it can feel like pushing a boulder uphill.

Most people just follow the same formula – and for that EXACT Reason end up LOSING Money on Every Sale!

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My most recent step by step approach: 

The solution to the issue of Amazon product choices can seem overwhelming. Here, I try to break it down into a simple but realistic structure:

#101 Phase 1 Generate Great Ideas

#102 Phase 2:  Set your Budget; Aim for the Best!

#103 Phase 3: Panning for Gold

#104 Phase 4: Check the Competition part 1

#105 Phase 5: Competition Part 2: Check rival listings in detail

Traditional Formula:

#3 My original criteria

Greg Mercer (of Jungle Scout)

Greg has huge expertise in this area, having created and run the go-to resource,  Jungle Scout, for almost 3 years.

Greg Mercer also has a knack for keeping things simple.

#42 Greg Mercer (2016 interview)

#135, # 136, # 137 Greg Mercer (Jan 2017 interview)

More advanced thinking:

Anthony Lee has a different, more organic take on the whole thing:

#49 Organic Approach: Anthony Lee #49

Kevin King has decades of background in image-led marketing, and uses this to inform his Amazon approach to making fantastic products:

#58 High Quality Approach 1: Kevin King #58

Adam Hudson has a varied and also multi-decade  history of business success. He also emphasises quality to a high degree:

#97 High Quality Approach 2 :  Adam Hudson