Amazon PPC Management with Ganesh from AI Hello - Amazing FBA - How to sell on Amazon UK
Amazon PPC Management with Ganesh from AI Hello

We continue our discussion of Amazon ads management with our guest, Ganesh Krishnan of AiHello.  

Ganesh and his team have created an automated AI system to handle Amazon ads. They are driven by two imperatives: saving Amazon-based e-commerce companies money (and at the most extreme, from bankruptcy) and saving the managers of these companies time and effort. 

Today we talk about the very cool idea of transferring the money keywords from your auto campaigns to manual campaigns with “automated keyword harvesting” – and even stealing your competitor’s top converting keywords! We also discuss how to choose a platform to manage your Amazon ads, and the choice between DIY, using automation, and using an ad agency. 


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You’ll Learn:

  • How to do Keyword Harvesting
  • The importance of Target ACoS
  • How to deal with organic ranking boost aspect cf ACoS
  • How to choose an automation platform
  • How does the choice around DIY vs automation platforms vs ad agency option
  • Who is this for and who is not for
  • Rule of thumb for campaigns
  • The misconception around old campaigns