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Amazon PPC Automation with Ganesh from AI Hello

Are you cutting yourself on a double-edged sword?

There are several things in e-commerce life that can cut both ways. The entire Amazon platform is such a thing. But within that platform, there is probably one tool that causes more bankruptcies of small businesses than any other. That double-edged tool is the Amazon advertising platform. At least, that’s been the experience of our guest today, Ganesh Krishnan. 

Ganesh and his team have created an automated AI system to handle Amazon ads. They are driven by two imperatives: saving Amazon-based e-commerce companies money (and at the most extreme, from bankruptcy) and saving the managers of these companies time and effort. 

But how does it all go so wrong with Amazon ads? And what solutions can an automation system play in solving these problems? We get into the detail and peer under the proverbial hood!


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You’ll Learn:

  • What AI Hello does
  • Recommended Ad Budget
  • Why it takes so long to get a return on ad spend
  • Strategies for bidding
  • How to approach managing an ad budget when it’s manual vs automation
  • What Input you ask sellers for
  • Amazon ads covered by AI Hello